Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood episode 4

Generally, creepy and ratcheting up the tension continuously. Very good.

One of the things I've liked the most about Torchwood so far is that I'm working out the plot twists only just in front of the characters so far. I only just worked out the burny twist last week as Owen and Tosh did. But this week had some nice ideas - seeing the bloody and dead Cyberwoman on the floor left me frantically wondering how the petrodactyl got down that far, before the lack of pizza girl hit me. Love that it was the entire Torchwood team shooting her at the end, rather than just Jack.

And looks like the Gwn/Owen hookup is a definite. First time I've ever seen someone called on the hardon after the "kissing them to make them shut up" excuse. *snerk*

Jack not only does great gun lessons, but I imagine there'll be a number of people queing for CPR from him too now....

Interesting that both Ianto and Jack couldn't let go of the past. Both of them affected by what they've seen.
Tags: torchwood

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