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As Charlie Chan said : 'Best way to find lost pin is to walk around barefoot.' Subsitute screw for pin, and you're there.

Anyhow, you didn't think I was going to pass up "Quote Your Own Fic" day did you? Late maybe, but pass it up?

1)“Woo-hoo!” came the sound from inside the TARDIS, “It’s bigger than I thought!”

The Doctor stared fixedly out of the window, quietly repeating to himself “She meant the Tardis, she meant the Tardis….”
Because I love Faith to a great extent. And Doctor Who.

2) It was cold, it was clammy and for some reason it was in the same bed as me.
Probably one of my all time favourite opening lines.

3) He had the distinct feeling that he was no longer in control of this situation. Taking the oak wand away, he replaced it with a rather nice rowan six and three quarter wand. “This time my dear, give it a flick of the wrist. Like so….”

She raised an eyebrow at him “So not my usual technique there, O. But what the hey, I’ll give anything a try once. Or twice.” A small jet of flame, about an inch long, came out of the end. “Neato! Handy for lighting my cigs.”
Ah, Faith.... Poor Ollivander. He never really stood a chance.

4) Checking schedule, I discover Eve has booked next 15 minutes as “Brooding / Staring out over LA time”. Am very annoyed and spend next 15 minutes sitting in chair instead. That’ll show her.
Had to include this line. Just had to. *grins*

5) Still somewhat exhausted from the previous fight, and having had the air knocked out of her, Faith decided that she wasn’t going to swear after all, but was in fact just going to lie here for a moment and gaze up at the sky. Such a nice blue sky, with lovely fluffy white clouds. She stayed there for a moment, until a pale white horse stuck its head into her view and gazed down at her.

“Yo,” said Faith in a tone of slight disappointment with the universe, “You’re blocking my view of the clouds. Kindly shift your horse’s ass to the side.” Faith could have sworn the horse blinked at that, but what the hey, it moved.
Yeah, there does seem to be a distinct Faith bias showing here.

6) “You owe us fifty dollars,” said Buffy looking down at the sprawled out Sydney. “We’ll send the CIA a bill. Don’t make me come collect it.”
There are times you look back at a line and wonder just how you came up with it. Love those sort of crossover where cultures clash.

7) Teal’c raised his eyebrow higher than normal.

Naked red haired females did not generally have a tendency to appear in the air above the hot-tub he was in. Fortunately, it appeared that the Law of Gravity was still in operation. He sat back in the tub, and waited patiently for her to surface.
I love Teal'c but sometimes his stoicness needs to be counterparted by extreme babbling. Cue Willow...

8) “Eeeeeeee….” said Cousin It, and fainted.
Just makes me giggle every time I read it.

9) Cordelia: You see, kiddo – when a vampire slayer and a souled vampire love each other very much, they’re all with the oooo and all with the ahhhh, and then he goes all grrrr and she goes all stabbity, and it’s just not good.
Dawn: The oooo and the ahhh?
Cordelia: Well, that’s…. it’s…. help me out here, Wes? Wes? Get back here, Wyndam-Pryce!
Because the word 'stabbity' makes me laugh.

10) Two hours later, everyone in both rooms had finally woken up properly, showered and climbed reluctantly into their clothes. Getting ready to go back into their normal lives, both couples gave their partners a deep kiss, and exited the rooms.

Unfortunately, they all left at the same time and onto the same landing.

“Ron!” said Ginny, surprised.

“Ginny!” said Ron, his jaw dropping.

“Draco!” said Narcissa, in a pleasantly surprised tone of voice.

“Mother!” gasped Draco.

“Ginny? Draco!” gasped Ron, still not quite awake yet.

“Draco? Ohhh…” Narcissa said with dawning understanding as she looked past them to the messy room.

“Ron? Ron!” gasped Ginny, also noticing the state of the other’s room.

“Mother! A Weasley? Ow! Ginny….” said Draco clutching his head.

“Ginny? Draco?” said Ron in a sick sounding voice, gazing at his sister in disbelief.

“Draco!” confirmed Ginny, taking the stunned Slytherin’s arm tightly.

“Ginny Weasley?” asked Narcissa, noting the hair colour.

“Mother!” wailed Draco. “Ron Weasley?”

“Ahem,” said Dumbledore.
My favourite cliffhanger ever.

And because I am a sadist, one ficlet of your choice to whoever identifies the most. *grin*

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