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Torchwood was good last night. Now begins the race between empressvesica to get hold of Torchwood, while I desperately seek out the Amazing Race. *grin* Must do a proper post on this season soon enough - it's probably the best designed one I've seen so far.

~ + ~

Sorta saved the extra hour in bed from when the clocks changed yesterday for today. Something comforting about being able to roll over, blearily remember it's Monday and stay in bed that much longer. Totally planned, and not because I got up yesterday and stumbled around for an hour before realising. Nope. No way.

~ + ~

Need to get myself back into the writing groove again. Part of me keeps eyeing NaNo cos I seem to work well on ficathons with deadlines, but that's something I've never done before. Does it have to be original fiction, or can you just work on a massive fanfic instead?

~ + ~

Halloween event is almost over on City Of Heroes/Villains. Somehow managed to hit the rarest monster spawn three times in a row last night, and was able to switch between different alts in time to be able to grab the kill on each.

~ + ~

Coffee is good.

~ + ~

Studio 60 Cancellation Imminent. Booooooo!
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