Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood episode 3

Interestingly, it was very different tonally from the first two episodes, and felt more like a police procedural in places. But it all still works well for the Torchwood set-up, and Jack is still a very angry man.

Love the way we started in the middle of the action with the whole chase scene through Cardiff. Logically, Gwen as the former policewoman would be the one best at this type of thing.

Worked out early on that the device worked on strong emotions, though the flash forward was a nice, unexpected twist. I still wonder just what happened to Burny in the street though - did his flash forward just show himself unconscious on the road, and he mistook it for his death? Did he die there? Nothing was said at the end, but I suspect things were actually changed. Though if I was Burny? Move immediately after I had that flash. Change cities, even.

Love the little touches, like the sheer number of cards that Owen flipped through to decide who he was that day.

Figured out Burny was blackmailing Ed Morgan just before the characters did, which is good writing. Certainly would love to see more from Helen.

And Jack/Gwen seems to be very heavily trailed, which would disappoint me slightly. Though I did think the teaching Gwen to shoot scene showed incredible chemistry between them. Just something about that whole body-to-body closeness gets me.

*blink* Ed Morgan was played by Gareth Thomas? Blake?!?!! RTD really does have a nice sense of humour...

And is Owen starting to redeem himself for his actions in the first ep? CPR on the guy he's just come this close to killing himself.

And now Gwen's taking alien tech home with her. *sigh* She's settled down into the routine nicely... :P
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