Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood reactions

I like. An awful lot.

Jack can't die. Shot in the head, and he still survived. Rose, Rose, Rose.... just what did you do to him?

The pterodactyl rocks. I want more of him.

Gwen's detective skills are impressive. Locating Torchwood through the power of pizza! And she's able to use what she knows to run a nice profile in the second ep.

The invisible lift/debris left by a dimensionally transcendental chamelion circuit was a nice touch. As was the whole references to The Christmas Invasion and Torchwood Towers.

Torchwood 4 is missing. If Jack wasn't joking, that is. Though logically I'd say it was in Northern Ireland.

Very nice twist on the opening ep - they totally had me fooled on what happened to Susie. Never saw it coming that she was behind the murders, and all the advance publicity stressed the whole team including her.

And very much an adult show. The night club guy alone in the second ep....

Jack is not happy. That was the Doctor's hand from the Christmas Invasion alright, and Jack is very attached to it. The guy would rather let an body posessing alien escape into Cardiff than risk anything happening to the hand.

"The amateurs got here first." Was that UNIT?

Ianto is my fav so far for some reason. Looks good in a suit, doesn't care about Jack's sexuality and cleans up everyone else's messes. Not to mention he was the only one to have his napkin tucked in tidily during the chinese.

"He came and went" is my favourite line so far.

I'm going to bet that someone has a Jack/hand fic done by tomorrow night.

Updating this as I go along and think of more stuff, btw.
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