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Y'know, forgot completely to post this limerick from a while back :

Lets turn now to fic writer Laney,
Whose Willow's are never the samey,
The best one, no doubt
Is in "World Without",
Just pray she won't go dark and veiny!

Bad Booster, no cookie. Should I post all these in one place at Tth? If so, what category?

Currently waiting impatiently for last night's Angel to finish downloading. If you've been wondering where I've been recently, I've been trying to recover stuff from my ruined hard drive. Turns out the partition somehow got ripped to shreds, and looks like a formatting is required. *headdesk*

That, and writing a new part of On a Pale Horse, which is in the hands of the betas. Now trying to finish The Slayer In Question fast, before it gets too old. Still to do : some betaing for tthjinni and my Faith ficathon entry.
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