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102 Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, part 50

The continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs FINALLY continues. Sorry for the delay - chalk it up to a major writing block. *apologies*

Master index, and previous parts : here.

Previously on 102 Uses : Jack's been turned female thanks to another potion, and really enjoyed a busy session with Rose and her strap-on. The Doctor has a plan....

“I could go for a good few hours yet,” smirked Jack.

The Doctor cast one sardonic glance over to the side where Jack had discarded the bottle for his body change. “Might want to be careful about just what sort of things you get into Jack,” he said, “Never know quite when that bodymod will revert back.”

Jack’s lip twitched. Rose felt a sudden desire to bite down onto it as he pouted towards the Doctor, but somehow she resisted. “Are you challenging me, Doc?” Jack said, stirring slightly underneath Rose, “Because when I say something, I mean it.”

“Oh, I’m just not quite sure you’d be… up… for this,” smirked the Doctor, still lazily stroking his erection in front of the other two. Rose licked her lips – there was just something so hot about the whole man wanking in front of her thing, that drove her crazy.

Judging by the slightly distracted look in Jacks eyes, it wasn’t just her. “For what exactly?” Jack managed to say.

“While you two were being so energetic together, I was considering this situation carefully.” The Doctor got up from his seated position and approached where the other two were located on Rose’s king sized bed. “And particularly the timeframe involved,” he said, looking down at the two of them, still joined together on Rose’s strap-on.

He leant down and kissed Rose. It was a deep, passionate kiss, full of rich tastes and strange, exotic flavours. Promising much, and demanding much, much more. Eventually, the Doctor pulled himself away from Rose’s greedy mouth, and sucked in desperately needed air.

From mere inches away, Jack gazed up at them and swallowed. “Um…timeframe?” he said weakly.

The Doctor smiled, and slowly descended closer and closer to Jack’s face. Pausing just fractionally above Jack’s open lips, he whispered softly “There’s only going to be a limited time period while you’re like this, Captain.”

Jack could just feel the Doctor poised above him, calm and confident with that mad gleam of I-have-a-plan in his face. It was that look that made him follow the Doctor wherever, safe and secure in the knowledge that he’d always get them out of any bad situation. Well, that and the incredible hotness of both him and Rose.

Suddenly the whole sexiness of their current position struck him. Pinioned to the bed by Rose’s weight on top of him, and with one of the single sexiest men he’d ever spent time with, so close that they were sharing the same air back and forth between themselves. He looked into the Doctor’s eyes and tried to convey the trust inside him.

“Whatever you want, Doc. Anything.”

“Anything?” repeated the Doctor, arching one elegant eyebrow.

Jack nodded, not quite trusting his voice at that moment. The Doctor reached out one hand and smoothed back the damp hair on Jack’s brow. Then leant forward and shared a deep, passionate kiss with Jack.

Their tongues danced together, locked in a duel for supremacy before Jack reluctantly let the Doctor do exactly what he wished with him. Kind of losing the whole ‘anything’ vibe otherwise. As the kiss deepened between them, Jack found himself relaxing more, and enjoying something so simple and meaningful between them.

From what felt like some distance away, he felt Rose rising from on top of his (female) body and the Doctor sliding his slim, scarred body across his sweaty flesh. There was a brief twinge of emptiness as Rose pulled out of his pussy, and rolled away from the two of them. But the kiss drove all other sensations from his mind, as Jack fell deeper and deeper into the passions expressed there.

“Wow,” he said eventually after they broke apart. “That was… intense.”

Jack rolled his head around on his shoulders, and experimentally sat up. It had been quite the while handcuffed to the bed after all, but now he could move again. He stretched out his arms, and deliberately brushed the Doctor’s still hard erection. In front of him, Rose smiled and blew a kiss towards him.

The Doctor just laughed. “Same old Jack,” he smiled, “Don’t ever change.”

Jack ran both his hands through his hair, shaking it out, and very conscious that this pose displayed his new chest assets. “So, Doc?” he questioned in the most sultry voice he could muster, “Just what do you want to do with poor innocent little me?”

“Innocent, Jack?” queried the Doctor, idly rummaging through the box of toys, “You haven’t been innocent of anything for years.” His brow furrowed. “Not sonic enough,” he muttered and pushed the box aside.

“What I was really meaning was that there will only be a while longer while you have this shape,” the Doctor explained, just as coincidentally brushing across Jack’s breasts. “Or more precisely, that number of openings.”

Rose cocked her head. “Oh, I do like the way you think, Doctor,” she breathed, one hand dropping to her crotch and beginning to play with the strap-on still firmly attached.

Jack licked his lips and studied the two people and their obvious displays of excitement before him. “Me too….”

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