Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

The Real Reason Why Daleks and Cybermen Don’t Get On.... Part 3

This is crack.

I should be sleeping by now. Next drabble!

~ + ~

Meanwhile, outside the bar, a quite different confrontation was brewing.

”Hey, Black," said the Cyberleader, sunlight gleaming nicely off his new paintjob, "Sorry for last night, but the Cybermen turned up late and I got dragged along while they invaded some planet in the Western Spiral Arm.”

The Black Dalek managed to sniff haughtily and direct her eyestalk anywhere but the Cyberleader.

One of the golden Daleks around her glided forward, placing herself between them. “LISTEN, BUSTER,” it began, “TALK TO THE PLUNGER, COS THE EYESTALK AIN’T LISTENING.”

The other two gold Daleks attempted a high five with their plungers.
Tags: doctor who, drabbles, fic

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