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The Slayer In Question

Been thinking on and off about the recent Angel episode The Girl In Question. And how obviously things were going on behind the scenes in Italy, so to speak. Of course, we must have got only half the story!

So I attempted to fanwank it all better, basically. Here's the setup :

Buffy knew it was going to be a long couple of days when she saw Andrew accidentally decapitate the capo.

“Oh fuck,” she said and quickly finished off the last of her opponents. As the local vampire population decreased yet again, she hurried over to the ashen faced Andrew and the remains of Luigi’s body. Checking, she confirmed that yes, their best local contact was indeed dead.

“Is he? Did I..? Again?” said Andrew hesitatingly.

Snapping him a quick glare, Buffy straightened up from the body. “Oh yes, you certainly did. Still, there’s a good chance that he’ll be back soon enough. Unfortunately, the situation just got a lot worse than these minions of the Immortal.”


One hour later, in Buffy and Dawn’s new apartment, the emergency Scooby meeting was in full swing. Fortunately, Willow had been on a flying visit to see Giles in the new council headquarters, and had decided to pop over to Italy and visit for a couple of days. She’d mumbled something about getting Kennedy something from the shops, but after one look at the antiquated computer setup they were making do with, had dived straight into fixing everyone up with the most advanced stuff Willow could get her hands on.

Xander, on the other hand, was a most pleasant surprise. He’d planned to turn up on his way back from Africa to surprise them all, and deliver a late birthday present to Buffy. All in all, it was getting like a Sunnydale reunion party, especially with the next visitor due to turn up, Buffy thought grimly.

Finally, Mariah and Lucia were present. The two young Slayers were still somewhat awed by the whole Vampire Slaying, and though taking to the training and actual fighting easily, they tended to hang back in the larger meetings. Buffy thought it was a confidence thing, but then she’d never had that problem herself. Still, time would tell…

Continuing with filling Willow and Xander in on the background, she got to the crux. “I was talking with Luigi a while back. Apparently when the capo dies, his kind of demon can actually be revived by the right enchantments if they’d done by the right people, and under a strict time limit.”

Dawn frowned. “So, what’s the problem here? We can carry on with the stuff with the Immortal, while Luigi gets himself all regrown.”

Buffy sat down heavily in her chair. “Yeeeeeah. The problem is that this whole pupa re-growth thing is an old family contract with Wolfram & Hart. And the only guy around who could do this type of enchantment moved to LA last year.”

Andrew looked round eagerly “Why’s everyone so unhappy? He’ll be okay and I won’t have killed anyone again.”

Dawn just looked at him, almost bouncing around the room in his happiness. “Andrew?” she said as gently as she could. “That means someone from the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart will have to come out and collect Luigi’s head.”

Andrew looked confused, which to be fair, was a look that hadn’t been seen that much in recent months, thought Willow. “And given that Buffy just landed that stalker type guy in hospital before finding who he worked for… that means that Angel will probably fly out.”

“Oh.” said Andrew. “Oh!” An interesting range of emotions flashed across his face too quickly for most people to recognize. “Oh!! Oh!!! Um…Dawn? Can I have a word outside?”

“Whatever,” said Buffy sighing, as the two of them headed off to the kitchen. “I remember from the old Sunnyhell research that Angel had a spot of bad history with the Immortal, so let’s face it – he’s going to want to jump in. And I am so not ready for that.”

Willow pursed her lips. “It’s gonna be tough to stop him.”

Xander leaned forward in his chair. “No chance of getting Deadboy deported, is there?”

Buffy snorted. “You know Wolfram & Hart, and you know what sort of influence they have. If Angel’s tapped fully into that, then we’re all screwed.” She turned to the two so far silent junior members of what Xander was calling the GoodSlayers, but everyone else was trying to call the Rome branch of the New Watcher’s Council. “No, I think we need to deal with the local branch of Wolfie & Co right now. Mariah? Your mother Ilona? She’s an actress, right?”

Mariah, the long haired blonde Slayer, frowned in confusion. “That’s right. But why do you ask?”

“She the one with the big…. amounts of time free right now?” said Xander, changing tack halfway through his sentence, after just one look from Willow.

Buffy smiled “Nice save there, Xander. Let’s just say I have a plan to deal with our current pain in the Immortal butt and our old friend ….”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dawn and Andrew were having a slight difference of opinion over a recent omission from the one and only field report that Andrew had filed. Andrew was experiencing a slight technical problem in his breathing while Dawn explained in length why Andrew really shouldn’t forget to mention sudden spontaneous resurrections.

I'm still working on the rest, but that's enough of a start to see if people think this is a good idea or not. Any thoughts?
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