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102 Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, part 48

The continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs FINALLY continues. Sorry for the delay - chalk it up to a major writing block. *apologies*

Master index, and previous parts : here.

Previously on 102 Uses : Jack's been turned female thanks to another potion, and handcuffed just out of sheer fun. The Doctor's inside himher, while Rose has just put on the strap-on and 'persuaded' the others to get it wetter...

“Good part?” Jack echoed, “And everything else before this was what? Because I distinctly remember enjoying myself immensely.”

“You know exactly what I mean, Jack,” Rose snapped back immediately, before softening her expression somewhat as she gazed at the Doctor and Jack tangled together. There was just something sooooo…. Damn hot about the two of them like that. She stroked the strap-on thoughtfully. “Shame about those handcuffs now,” she murmured, her mind whirling with new ideas, new positions, new feelings.

Jack laughed. “Oh, these old things of mine? Sigma lambda apple parsley.” With an audible click, the cuffs sprang open, and Jack’s arm was free again.

Rose’s jaw dropped. “That easy?”

“I’m willing to admit I’m that easy, but I’d be a complete idiot to be carrying round cuffs I couldn’t get out of if I needed to,” grinned Jack. Flexing his wrist several times to get the blood flowing properly again, he reached up and ran his hands through the Doctor’s close cropped hair. Mmmm… very nice.

The Doctor smiled up at Jack. “That will certainly make it a lot easier for both of us.”

Jack trailed a fingernail down along the Doctor’s spine, and felt him shiver. “The lady’s directing this show, Doc,” he said quietly and kissed the Doctor deeply.

“For the moment,” said the Doctor very quietly and winked at Jack. “And how would you want us this time, Rose?” he said louder into the Tardis bedroom. Slowly, he moved back out of Jack’s clutches, feeling every internal muscle of Jack’s pussy straining to keep him in there. Typical Jack really, anything to do with sex or flirting and he adapted incredibly quickly.

Rose licked her lips and considered the sight before her. The Doctor smiled, a predatory gleam in his eyes and thrust back inside Jack. “Of course,” he said in the most off handed manner he could muster, “I could just keep on going like this.” Propping himself up on his hands, the Doctor looked down at Jack’s body beneath him as he started to increase his movements in and out of Jack’s very willing body.

He tilted his head downwards and licked Jack’s magnificent breasts. Carefully not touching those gloriously hard nipples, the shudder that went through Jack’s body indicated this was producing the desired effect. Solely out of scientific curiosity, the Doctor proceeded to the next stimulus.

Flicking his tongue briefly over the nipples produced a moan from Jack, a death glare and Jack’s hands in between them running over his chest. The Doctor slowed down his motions, curious as to Jack’s next move.

“Keep going,” Jack said through gritted teeth, “And more with the breasts. Otherwise, I might be forced to play dirty.” And tweaked both of the Doctor’s nipples before withdrawing.

Well, faced with such downright evil doing and dastardly threats, there was only one thing a self respecting Time Lord could do. He leant forward, increased his movements and then casually bit Jack’s nipple.

He certainly wasn’t expecting Jack’s shout of pleasure and his arms to pull the Doctor’s head across to the other breast. “Oh god, Doc! Bite it again! Nip it! Nibble it!” Jack exclaimed, meeting his thrusts with an equally vigorous response. “I never realised it was that good before,” Jack almost babbled.

The Doctor felt a movement behind him. How on Gallifrey had he forgotten about Rose? He tensed as he saw a hand come into view and pull sharply on the nipple of the spare breast beside him. Jack squealed, actually squealed in delight, and bucked upwards with even greater force.

“And you know what feels even better for a girl?” came Rose’s throaty voice into his ear, “This….” With one motion, and certainly assisted by Jack when he realised what was happening, the Doctor found himself flipped over and onto his back. Somehow, he was still inside Jack.

With a flash of his brilliant teeth, Jack smiled at Rose and pulled himself upwards until he was perched on top of the Doctor, straddling him. “That… will do nicely,” He said, panting, and kissed Rose. He began rising and lowering himself on the Doctor’s cock. “Oh, fuck!” said Jack, his eyes almost rolling back inside his head, “It feels even deeper inside me now….”

Rose stepped up behind Jack as he rode the Doctor frantically, and kissed the back of his neck. A fresh new set of feelings swept through Jack, as he picked up more speed, barely conscious of the Doctor’s writhing of delight below him. Rose’s hands, her oh so talented hands, snuck around to the front of Jack’s chest and started played with the breasts there. She licked the back of his neck again, and started trailing kisses along his bare shoulder.

Much more of this and he'd explode.

And then…

And then….

Jack felt a buzzing vibration down by his groin, busy pumping his temporary pussy up and down the Doctor’s hot cock, and felt the feelings building within him shoot up even higher. He looked down, desperately gasping for air, and saw the Doctor’s clutching at the bed sheets had brought him back to their old friend – the sonic screwdriver.

Setting 113 – vibrate hard.

Jack exploded. And became considerably more sonic for a moment there as well.

And what only extended the moment of ecstasy was feeling the Doctor deep inside him swelling and also exploding.

Eventually, Rose let him slump forward, as his limbs were strangely weary and disobedient. He laid there, head pressed against the Doctor’s also heaving chest for a moment, trying to get oxygen back into his body somehow. A small smile crossed his face. Quirking an eyebrow, he said “Whoa…. now that’s the sort of thing I’m looking for. Gimme two minutes and I’ll be ready to go again, k?”

"How about we try something else, instead?" the Doctor suggested, sliding from Jack with a wince. Even the fabled Time Lords needed a little while to recover from things like that… He grabbed Rose by the hips, gently guiding her between Jack's legs, angling the strap-on towards Jack's entrance.

“Besides,” the Doctor grinned manically, “Someone’s got to clean the sonic screwdriver after that….”
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