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Worst. Companion. Ever. (Veronica Mars/Doctor Who crossover o' crack)

Title: Worst. Companion. Ever.
Author: Booster
Rated: 15
Disclaimer: All things Doctor Who belong to the BBC, et al. Logan is all
Setting: Somewhere in their respective season 2 for both Logan Echolls, and the Doctor and Rose Tyler.
Summary: In retropect, Adam was looking like quite a decent companion compared to Logan Echolls.

~ + ~

"Whatever," said Logan Echolls rolling his eyes, "So this contraption of yours is bigger on the inside. I'm a fucking rich boy - do I look bothered?"

"Oh look," said Rose cheerfully, "there's a black hole. Can we let him out here, Doctor?"

"Echolls," said the Doctor thoughtfully, tapping his teeth with his screwdriver, "I know that name from somewhere."

"Why," said Logan helpfully in his most sincere tone, "Could you possibly be referring to the acting profession?"

"Of course!" exclaimed the Doctor. "The Oscars! 2010!"

Logan blinked. "Dad gets out of prison? How the fuck?!?!"

"No, no - Trina Echolls! Lady Macbeth. Spellbinding she was."

That settled it. This was definitely a dream. Logan supposed the blonde was some sort of Veronica representation, but this Doctor? Huh.... Authority of some kind? Van Clemmons?

Definitely not Weevil.

He looked at the bottle in his hand. Needed to be open. Luckily, there was a bottle opener on that crazy modern art sculpture in front of him.

He flicked it upwards and opened the bottle in one easy move. “Here’s to finally achieving insanity,” he pronounced and attempted to drink his beer. However, the floor lurched, he fell to the ceiling and the liquid sprayed everywhere.

“The gravity stabiliser!” yelled the Doctor, and pointed his screwdriver upwards – at what Logan had just been standing on. Before he had time to think about whether this part of the dream was representing the bottom of his world falling out, he was heading straight back down again at high speed.

Like the beer.

It sprayed everywhere across the console, causing sparks and shortages everywhere. Also, one large spray hit Rose. In the face. Okay, two heavy falls were totally worth it just for that.

The gravity increased its pull and Logan found himself prone on the floor facing an very annoyed Rose Tyler. “Don’t fight this thing between us, honeybuns,” he said, “I know, I know - it’s not every man who makes you weak at the knees and wet. But darling, we only just met.”

Rose snarled in his direction.
Tags: doctor who, fic, veronica mars

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