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Role Play (Rose/Mickey/Jake)

Title: Role Play
Author: Booster
Rated: NC17
Disclaimer: All things Doctor Who belong to the BBC, et al.
Spoilers: Up to and including Doomsday.
Summary: What do you do on the day after Doomsday? Try to hang onto as much of the past as you can if your name is Rose Tyler.

I blame tthjinni.

It was as big a room as Rose could arrange for in her new role at Torchwood. Someone had to identify, arrange and catalogue all that recovered alien tech after all.

Just pure coincidence that it looked like her Tardis bedroom after all that.

So, logically, it was also pure coincidence that she’d dragged the other two in there once night. Uh-huh.

"Awww," said Jake, "Why do I have to be the Doctor all the time?"

"Shut up and put the glasses on," said Mickey, already naked.

New world, old friends and one very surprising twist on an old boyfriend.

"Ooooo...Mi...Captain Jack," purred Rose, "You certainly know your way round your...weapon."

"That's it!" exclaimed Jake, annoyed. "If she calls my dick a sonic screwdriver AGAIN....."

Rose sighed. "You're doing this all wrong you know," she said, and leant forward. "You adjust the screwdriver like so..."

Jake shut up. Rose’s mouth was also occupied.

Mickey took notes. And gave hints.

“He likes it when you suck hard on his head,” he offered after careful and detailed consideration.

Rose glared at him, but couldn’t say anything at that precise moment.

“Fine,” said Mickey rolling his eyes, “He likes it when you adjust the sonic screwdriver to setting 349.”

“Are you sure….” gasped Jake, “That the Doctor wore this scarf? It’s bloody hot!”

His eyes widened. “No biting! No biting! Yes, of course he wore it!”

Torchwood picked up a lot of stuff over the years. Some poor bastard had had the job of breaking into UNIT headquarters for example and nicking browsing through the Doctor’s stuff. She still hadn’t figured out exactly when this Earth had split off from hers, but who cared when they had actual Doctor souvenirs.

And clothing that actually smelt like him.

“Okay, Doc,” said Mickey firmly and in a reasonable attempt at an American accent, “How we gonna get out of this fix?”

Rose tugged at the end of the scarf in her reach. Prompted, Jake said “We must… reverse the polarity….of the Newton flow?”

“Oh, Doctor,” said Rose, pouting slightly and giving Jake’s dick a careful lick with her tongue, “Wouldn’t the neutron flow work better?”

“Excellent question!” said Jake, and promptly pushed her head back down. “Because the subspace inversion fields would interfere with the Earth’s gravimetric plane and send us all spinning into a black hole!”

Mickey stopped dead from where he was positioned behind Rose. Rose stopped sucking and gazed up at Jake with wide open eyes. Oh crap… too much technobabble?

Rose whimpered and practically came, staring up at those geek glasses. She sucked Jake deep inside her throat, desperate to reward him. Jake squirmed in pleasure. Okay, new note – no such thing as too much technobabble with Rose.

Mickey eyed his boyfriend with new respect. “When I was in the Time Agents,” he said, starting his spiel, “I remember treating Cleopatra to a little trick I picked up in the 25th century.” Slamming into Rose, he continued “She had an excellent ass, did Cleo,” and smacked Rose’s ass.

“Oh god, yes,” babbled Rose, jacking Jake expertly, “Spank me, Jack! I’ve been bad!”

Mickey smacked her again. “You’re a bad, bad companion, Rose Tyler”

He smacked her again, and again as he fucked in and out. “You’re a bad, bad wolf.”

“Oh god, yes,” babbled Rose, and sucked harder on Jake’s cock.

“Oh no,” said Jake suddenly, and pushed her head done deeper than before. “I’m sorry, so sorry,” he said as he came in her mouth. That triggered Mickey and Rose’s own climaxes, and together all three slumped on the bed together in bliss.

“Wow…” said Mickey eventually, staring up at the fascinating ceiling, “That was….fantastic.”

Rose moaned at that, and eyed a battered leather jacket off to the side thoughtfully. “Same time next week?” she said hopefully.

Mickey and Jake shared an amused glance. “Why not?” said Jake.

Rose smiled, and produced a remote control from under the pillow. Pointing it at the stereo in the corner, a recording of the Tardis taking off played.

“Is it next week yet?” smiled Rose.

“Hmmm…” said Jake thoughtfully, adjusting the glasses on his face carefully, “I would say this is in fact the late 34th Century and the desert world of Tato…ory. Yes, Tatoory. Strange place this – all clothing is banned….”


Halfway through a particularly complex arrangement of limbs, a voice broke into their concentration.

“What the fucking hell is going on? And where am I?”

“What?” said Mickey, mouth falling open.

There was a woman there, in their locked room. In a wedding dress. “Where’s the bloody church?”

“What?!” said Rose.

~ + ~
Tags: doctor who, fic, smut

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