Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood reference in "Fear Her"?

Can anyone who still has a copy of this around check something out for me?

It sounds like there is a Torchwood ref in that episode after all. The commentator in the background mentions something about not having seen anything like it since the battle at Torchwood.

So, I've borrowed this section of the transcript from allthat_hopping - It's apparently in the background around here. Warning - my informant had to play it back around three times to be certain. Too much screaming and loud noise.

The crowd has vanished! Er-- um... they're gone. Everyone has gone. Thousands of people have just gone. Er... um... right in front of my eyes. Um... it's impossible! Bob, can we join you, um, in the box? (silence - footage cuts to empty box) Bob? Not you too, Bob?

The stadium won't be enough. The Isolus has four billion brothers and sisters.


Chloe watches the laptop in her room.

Over eighty-thousand spectators and thirteen thousand athletes...

Not enough.

Er... they're gone! All of those people. Er... it's a terrible, terrible turn of events...

She stands and rushes over to her shelves, grabs an atlas and some pencils. She opens the book at a diagram of the Planet Earth, blue and green pencils at the ready.

CHLOE (whispers)
We won't be alone, Chloe Webber. We'll have all of them. And then we'll never feel alone. Ever again.

Rose charges up to Chloe's bedroom door holding the axe, Trish behind her. She tries the handle, but the chair is obstructing the door.


ROSE (urgently)
Chloe, it's Rose! Open the door!

At the sound of their voices, Chloe rips her magazine cuttings off the wall, leaving a blank space. She starts to draw.

We found your ship! We can send you home!


Open up! (to Trish) Right, stand back.

Trish does so. Chloe has already drawn the outline of the planet.

I'm coming to hurt you...

Rose swings the axe and brings it crashing down on the door. The wardrobe doors begin to rattle as Chloe's Dad growls. Rose swings the axe again and again, splintering the wood. Chloe begins to draw faster, as if hurrying to finish it.

I'm coming to hurt you...

Having made a large enough hole in the door to fit her arm through, Rose knocks the chair out of the way and opens the door. She and Trish rush in.


I'm coming to hurt you...

Chloe is now colouring in the land green.

I'm coming...

I've gotta stop her.

She starts forward but the wardrobe doors rattle particularly violently and she steps back.

If you stop Chloe Webber, I will let him out. We will let him out together. I cannot be alone. It's not fair.

Rose holds the pod out to her.

Highly appreciated if anyone can help me.
Tags: doctor who

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