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Girl in the Fireplace info

The writer of "The Girl in the Fireplace", Steven Moffat recently posted on Outpost Gallifrey:

Regarding the Doctor abandoning Rose & Mickey on the spaceship:

"We sort of assumed you'd all remember about emergency program one - that the Doctor has made provision for Rose in the event of his non-return. For ages there was a line about it - Rose said to Mickey, "The Tardis will always take me home" - but we cut it, thinking it cut across her devastation at the loss of the Doctor. It's still sorta kinda implied - the Doctor asks "How long did you wait?" which clearly means there was an alternative - but we should probably have kept that line in.

Anyway. The intent was never that he abandoned them - just that he leapt towards the woman in greater danger.

Steven Moffat"

Makes sense.
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