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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, Part 46

June 28th, 2006 (01:38 am)

The continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs well... continues.

Master index : here.

Previously on 102 Uses : Jack's been turned female thanks to another potion, and handcuffed just out of sheer fun. The Doctor's inside himher, while Rose has just put on the strap-on...

It looked good on her.

It felt even better.

Some cunningly talented designer somewhere had certainly earned their money when they created this little beauty. There was a little smooth nub on the inside of the harness just above where the end of her… cock… was, rubbing directly onto her clit. She gave the protuberance ahead of her a tug, and was rewarded by a jolt of pleasure passing through her.

Rose smiled, and ran her hand up and down it in a familiar way. Apart from when she’d been in the Doctor’s body, she’d never handled a cock from this angle before. Wow, there certainly was a feeling of power almost, of displaying herself in front of the other two. Oh, yeah…. she thought, pumping her fist up and down the carved plastic cock before her.

Beside her, the Doctor and Jack were still lying there, interlocked in that amazingly sexy way. Jack looked so…. fuckable with his newly female face. And those lips… pouting, pleading, his tongue flicking around that rosy red skin.

An idea hit Rose, and she almost moaned aloud at just how dirty and disgusting it was. The lust that was rising inside her took a giant leap upwards, and her knees almost gave way. Oh, that just had to be done.

Dropping to her knees beside the Doctor and Jack’s heads, she traced a path along down the Doctor’s suddenly tense back. “Don’t worry,” she soothed him, “Not quite yet.” She ran her hand over the Doctor’s pert buttocks, teasingly. Oh god…. Just thinking about where his cock was buried right now…

Daringly, she ran her hand down further, and felt his warm balls just resting above Jack’s pussy where the rest of the Doctor’s cock was currently located. She squeezed them gently, and sensed the Doctor’s involuntary twitch deep inside Jack. Judging from the intake of breath from both of them, they liked it.

Rose grinned evilly, and trailed one fingertip down further. It paused for a moment at the point where the Doctor’s cock entered Jack’s soaking wet labia, and ran around in the dampness. Then firmly pushed inside next to the hard cock. “Oh, fuck!” said both Jack and the Doctor simultaneously.

Rose twitched her finger. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” babbled Jack. The Doctor just looked at Rose, lust blazing in his eyes, but content to follow her lead.

Reluctantly, Rose pulled her finger out. She’d never felt anything like that before, but she had much, much more interesting plans right now. Trailing the wet finger upwards again, she ran it past the Doctor’s balls once more, and then along between his cheeks. The Doctor twitched as she paused just by his opening.

“I think….” said Rose in a considering way, “That we’ll going to have to be a wee bit wetter than this before we go any further.”

She leant forward and the head of her fake cock moved with her, until she was directly next to both Jack and the Doctor’s heads. In fact, if she moved just… there, it was bobbing right up and down by their mouths.

“Lick it, bitches,” Rose said.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: July 1st, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)

Jack snorted. He couldn’t help it. The comment, coming from Rose’s lips, was so absurd that it made him actually laugh. With the Doctor shoved deep inside of him, these very – very – lovely breasts perched on his chest and just aching to be touched; he laughed.

”I’m serious,” Rose smirked.

The tip of the strap-on prodded at his lips. Jack’s eyebrows rose and then he took a moment to fully look at her.

Her hair was mussed and still slightly damp from their time spent in the shower. Wispier pieces had already dried and were framing her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips – god, those lips – were red and full. He wanted to kiss her. With this body. Again. And again. Maybe even put his head between her legs and lick her with this smaller, womanly tongue.

There was a slight glow to her skin, which he attributed to both the pleasure of all this fine erotic entertainment the three of them were engaging in, but also the sheen of sweat that covered her.

The next thing that struck Jack, as the Doctor flexed his cock inside of him, was that Rose looked damn sexy with a strap-on. Almost was like the best of both worlds.

Jack’s lips curled into a wicked smile and he leaned forward, running his tongue along the slitted head of the strap-on’s very life-like looking cock. It twitched. Rose moaned. Jack blinked in surprise.

”Soccoran design,” the Doctor explained. “Very sensitive to outside stimuli. Gives a little jolt of pleasure to the wearer, right against her clit, when stimulated, too. Genius design.”

Jack couldn’t care less about the design. Suddenly the strap-on had gone from sexy-looking play toy, to a way to enflame Rose’s already burning desires. He smirked, wondering if it looked as wanton on this body as it did on his own. He sucked the head into his mouth again, feeling his body quiver with an answering passion as Rose moaned. Her hips jerked and, as if prompted by that movement, the Doctor began to thrust again.

Now Jack saw why some of his lady friends had always been a little distracted when they’d had him and another man at their disposal at same time. So hard to think about sucking when there was a hard, thick cock sliding in and out of you, clit rubbing against flesh every time it slid home. He sucked as best he could, losing himself in the pleasure that the Doctor was building within this body. So very different from the pleasure he was used to. This was deeper, more centered in his body. It just –felt- like it would be more intense when it finally –

The pseudo- cock slipped further into his mouth, Rose’s hips thrusting awkwardly. Poor girl, couldn’t get a good rhythm. He knew that feeling all too well.

From the look on her face, though; Rose wasn’t going to be complaining that it didn’t feel good enough. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back. She had only hand holding the base of the cock steady, the other rubbing her breasts.

Jack couldn’t have been more turned on if … he… tried…

Conscious thought left Jack’s mind under the Doctor’s new exploration of his neck with those firm lips of his. He groaned and Rose echoed it, jerking the strap-on free of Jack’s mouth. He looked at her in surprise, watching her chest rise and fall as she struggled to catch her breath.

”Enough of that,” she finally managed, maneuvering to lay her hand on the Doctor’s back. “Time to get to the good part.”


Posted by: Jen (tthjinni)
Posted at: July 1st, 2006 04:00 am (UTC)

That was from me, by the way. Not sure how I got logged out of here.

Posted by: Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17)
Posted at: July 1st, 2006 09:15 am (UTC)
A little more sonic



*fans self*

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