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Not So Great Balls of Fire (Doctorwho_100 ficlet)

Fic Name: Not So Great Balls of Fire
Rating: 15
Prompt: 046 Star
Claim: Faith as a Doctor Who Companion
Spoilers: Up to 2.06 Age of Steel.

My Faith as a Doctor Who companion prompt table can be found here.

046 Star

It’s a star.

An honest to god sun.

And she, Faith Lehane (one time vampire slayer), is running with it tucked under one arm.

No-one’s gonna believe this back at Hellmouth central. Hell, she’s the one actually doing it right here and now, and she doesn’t believe it.

Time’s ticking. Only 80 seconds left now before all the Doctor’s bypasses on the security system burn out. And she’s still two rooms away from where she should be.

She shifts the star and its array of fields holding it in place to her other side, and vaults over the case in the next museum room. Even with slayer powers, she can feel the heat coming from her burden now.

70 seconds to get back to Rose and the Tardis. Behind her, she hears the crash as the security barriers start dropping back into place. If she only could speed up even more…

She’s still not used to this kind of shit, hanging with the Doc, she thinks as she cuts round the next exhibit, sprinting at her top speed. Sure, saving the world from demons, vampires and stopping portals to hell from opening is one thing, but galactic sun stealers? Way TMI for a simple Boston girl.

60 seconds left. She can feel the count deep inside her now. It wouldn’t surprise her if the Doc somehow knew exactly what she was capable of doing performance wise when he set this whole thing up. But then, she’d been around for the whole sprawl of events, and really what else could they have done?

50 seconds left and disaster strikes. One of Sakkuth’s security patrols is running early, maybe late. Either way, they shouldn’t be there right now. No choice.

If it’s fight or flight, Faith’ll always choose fight.

Guns swing up towards her as she vaults through the air towards them. There’s a whole solar system depending on her now. That’s 32 billion and small change of cute little ant-like creatures temporarily cooped up in the Doctor’s decaying time loop needing their sun back.

They were nice.

She ain’t letting them or Rose or the Doc down.

32 billion.

Two fast blows to the neck drops the first guard, and a vault off him lets her kick the gun away from number two. The spray of bullets arc out across the room, and shatter the glass around that exhibit there. The alarm blares out harsh and strident. 35 seconds left.

She dropkicks guard number two into another exhibit, all without letting go of her precious cargo. Fuck the alarm on that case, she’s already blown.

30 seconds to go as she runs into the last long room. Doors still slamming down behind her, the ever increasing warmth beneath her arm. She just knows without looking that something’s going wrong with the whole lash-up of electronics and shit that the Doctor set up for this crazy ass transport idea of his.

There’s Rose – and the Doctor! End of the hall, Tardis doors wide open waiting for her. Home….

She skids slightly on the rug as she turns the last corner with only twenty seconds left, and the next set of guards charge out from the side doors, between her and the Tardis. Crap.

15 seconds left. Six guards. Double crap.

Mad, crazy plan time. She tosses the star at the nearest guards who naturally recoil away, giving her a shot at this insane plan of hers.

It’s suddenly like this whole new well of Slayer speed, agility and power has been tapped. Faith can taste the adrenaline running through her, the taste in her mouth, and everyone seems to be moving in slow motion. Rose’s jaw slowly seems to be opening in panic and the Doctor’s hand is raising. Even the guards are only bringing their weapons round slowly.

She jumps off the nearest wall and spins out into the middle of the corridor in mid air, where the star is arcing downwards towards the floor. And with one kick, propels it at high speed down the corridor and straight inside the Tardis.

5 seconds left, and what really makes her want to laugh right now is the slowly dawning expression of realisation on the Doctor’s face and his panicked duck as the star sailed over his head.

And then bullet-time is over, and she crumples to the floor as she lands awkwardly. The Tardis door slams shut, and the blue light flashes almost instantaneously. As the familiar dematerialisation noise echoes around the museum, Faith looks up and smiles. She and the Doc both knew what she’d done, and he wasn’t going to waste it. Always knew he was a smart guy.

32 billion saved.

Not the kind of way she figured she’d go out, but well worth it she figures.

As more and more armed guards run in, waving guns everywhere, she rolls onto her back and smirks up at the array of weapons pointed at her.

"So… take me to your leader?"
Tags: doctor who, faith, fic

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