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Strange Reunion (Doctorwho_100 ficlet)

Fic Name: Strange Reunion
Rating: 15
Prompt: 001 Beginnings
Claim: Faith as a Doctor Who Companion
Spoilers: Up to 2.06 Age of Steel.

My Faith as a Doctor Who companion prompt table can be found here.

001 Beginnings

Faith stared at the geek looking guy in the long coat. “You’re not the Doctor,” she said, still panting from the fight, “No way anyone could change those ears.”

The guy just looked at her over the top of his specs. “Things change, Faith,” he said quietly, “You slayers of all people should know that.”

Faith twirled the stake in her hand once more, and glanced around the warehouse one last time. Six, seven piles of dust tallied with the numbers she’d seen going in and out. “Whatever,” she said dismissively, “I’m not interested in whatever bullshit you’re selling. So why don’t you shove your—“

“Faith!” squealed Rose, as she entered the warehouse, “The Doctor didn’t say you’d be here!” Crossing the room quickly, she hugged Faith hard. “Oh god, it’s so nice to see a familiar face again.”

Faith stared at the girl now draped on her. That was definitely Rose Tyler all right, but did that really mean…? She looked up at the guy in the coat and the striped suit. She had to admit, now he was taking off the glasses, he was actually looking rather edible. “Um… hiya Rose,” she said awkwardly, uncertain whether to hug her back or what, “Try not to get any snot on the leathers, k?”

There was a sound that sounded like a cross between a sob and a laugh from the blonde head buried against her chest. “You always did look at things differently to everyone else, didn’t you?” sniffed Rose, “I didn’t realise how much I’d missed you until the Doctor suggested checking in on you.”

Faith had never really realised just how difficult it was to hug someone while having a stake in one hand. Not something that had ever come up in the Monday Morning Slayer discussions. Well, maybe B had mentioned it, but it’s not like she ever listened to the touchy feely crap that much. “The Doctor?” she queried, giving a pointed stare in the stranger’s direction.

She blinked. Was he… tasting the vampire dust?

“Oh!” exclaimed Rose, “Oh yes! That’s the Doctor! He… um, well… changed. A lot. But it’s still him, Faith. Honest.”

The Doctor looked up from where he had moved on to a second pile of vampire dust, and gave her a cheeky wink and a wave. “Hello! Yes, that’s me! Still not ginger, but same old Doctor inside. Two hearts, slightly higher body temperature and temporal lobes so squeakly clean, you could eat your dinner off them.”

Faith exchanged a glance with Rose. Neither of them had any idea. Rose shrugged, “He calls it regeneration. Apparently his people do it all the time.”

Without looking up, the Doctor remarked “Not all the time – just when we’re dying or just plain worn out. Nine hundred years, you tend to pick up a few knocks along the way.” He produced a very familiar item from one coat pocket and started examining the next pile of vampire dust. “Hmmm… cellular material, but most oddly decayed. No sign of any animating energy…”

Oddly enough, it was the sonic screwdriver that convinced Faith that this was actually the Doctor. No-one else could quite wield it in that fashion – very similar to just how attached a Slayer got to her favourite stake. It bespoke a long time of use together. “Huh,” she said, then suddenly grinned. “So, what can I do for you two then?”

The Doctor suddenly bounded to his feet, and brushed himself down. “Well, I’ve gotten used to travelling with a couple of people around the Tardis now, and now that Mickey’s decided to stay behind, we’re a person short.”

Faith didn’t miss Rose’s wince at that, or the Doctors almost pleading look at her.

“So, Faith Lehane…. Want to see the universe?”
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