Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 2.11 Fear Her

Really, really good right up to the point where I'm left screaming at the TV OMGWTFNooooooo! I just cannot believe they went to that cliched place.

Schrodinger's Cat exists! You really don't know whether the cat exists or not until you look in the box! *snerk*

Much love for the whole scene when the Tardis first arrives. *snerk*

Ten : "I was a dad once." This implies i) Susan was his grand-daughter. ii) At least one child, and most probably a wife.

And Rose saved the day. Smart, fast thinking and resourceful. You can so tell she'll be going soon.

Why, o why did RTD have to go to the whole Doctor picking up the Torch bit? That's the whole sort of pandering to the common denominator cheap emotional tactic story-telling that I expect from American tv (sorry guys :( ). I was just cringing like mad.

Next week's preview : "This is the last story I'll ever tell." *bites nails* Cybermen! Torchwood! Bleed through from a parallel earth! Jackie in danger! Eeeeeeeeeeee....
Tags: doctor who, episode review

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