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PTWAH! Let us not speak of that Angel episode EVER again

Finally got to see The Girl in Question. Anyone who missed it totally, don't feel you have to track down a copy desperately. If you have it on tape and haven't watched it yet, just fast forward through all the Angel and Spike bits, and watch the Wes/Illyria bits instead.

The good : Wes, Illyria and the Burkles. Amy Acker is fast turning into one of my all time favourite actresses - the way that she can slip between Illyria, and Illyria/Fred with no dialogue but done with subtle movements and facial changes just amazes me.
Wes Torture is always fun. And you don't get much worse than that one.
Oh yeah, and the way that the W&H Rome office was a duplicate of the LA branch. That was nice.
And Spike's 1896 outburst of "Son of a Bitch!"

The bad : No-one told the Burkles that Fred was dead? Admittally, there was no body to put in the ground, but some sort of service would have been appropriate. I'd assumed that her parents had been told between episodes.
Andrew. Please, someone out there tell me that they like him. Or was it a case of that actor being the only one available?
Sigh. What a waste of Darla and Dru.

The ugly : Anything in Italy. Or the plane there. And some of the stuff in our Wolfram & Hart. Any sentence with the word "Immortal" in it. The way that the writers went for the completely obvious joke every frigging time.

To sum up : they had three spisodes left, and almost completely wasted one. Won't be watching that one again for a long time. Sheesh.... and I thought Why We Fight was this season's stinker.
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