Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Face the Future (Doctor Who verse)

Title: Face the Future
Rating: 15
Setting: After 2.10 Love and Monsters.
Summary: Stone endures. After all else is gone, only stone and love remains. Just ask Ursula.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine. All the playthings of RTD and the BBC.

Written for tthjinni, who dared me.

It’s cold and dark and lonely down here.

Ursula can’t remember the last time she saw another human being. The only thing that’s keeping her at all sane is remembering Elton.

She doesn’t remember the times when she still had her body, but all the days and nights with Elton in his flat instead. Their life together – filled with light, laughter and love. His love of ELO, her fascination with the Harry Potter books. The little jokes that they had together – how he’d pretend to stick his chewing gum on her, how he’d claim to be ‘petrified’ when a horror movie came on, how he’d claim to be ‘stony broke’ just after he’d gotten her something special.

That’s all that keeps her going now.

Like all good things, it had to come to an end. And when Van Statten’s men broke in and stole her away from Elton, she’d vowed never to speak to her captor. No matter what he tried to do to her stone to make her speak, she never gave in. Always glaring at him whenever he came into her field of view from her gilded cage. And he’d got tired of her and moved onto the next new toy.

Once, just before it all ended, she thought she heard that sound once more. That sound that promised so much; mysteries, adventures, death and destruction. But even the Doctor’s police box couldn’t be here, surely? That was just before it all went black. The lights went off, the temperature dropped and no-one came ever again. The air deadened and grew stale as if Van Statten’s toy collection had been thrown away and forgotten about.

That was so long ago that she can’t remember when. To be alone in the dark for so long, with nothing to see or do could drive a woman insane. She slept at times, she knows that much. Flashes of insane dreams play at the back of her mind at other points. But still she survives in her glass coffin, waiting for her prince to come.

And one day he does.

There is a noise which she never notices at first.

And then there is light.

And it hurts so much. It takes her frantic panicking moments to remember what it is, and why it shouldn’t hurt like that. There are shadows moving in the blinding light as her eyes focus in the first time for ages. Motions of people moving around in Van Statten’s archive. Something in the measured way that they move suggest academics – not the type of treasure hunter she’d envisioned many times.

Then it hits her – they’re archaeologists. Oh god, just how long has passed?

They see her and there is urgent discussion, frenetic gesturing and hurried communications. For some reason, they bow and scrap before her as they scurry past, without ever addressing her directly. She’s not sure in this light, and her eyes are still adjusting back to usefulness, but they’re…. blue?

Perhaps… she should speak to them? Something deep inside her rebels at this. She swore to never say anything until she and Elton were together again. But just as equally, she knows time has passed by. A long, long time.

They return and carefully carry her case away, upwards towards the light. Ursula hardly notices this, as her heart starts beating inside her once more. Elton would want this she knows, for her to move on, to…. well, live again. Her eyes adjust to the light as her carriers place her down on a pedestal with great reverence and precision. There is a pause, and suddenly the grass before her is filled with a giant tank of some kind, filled with a great big stone like head.

With great gravity, obvious delight and sincerity warring in his voice, the giant face speaks to her. “Greetings, kinsman. I am the Face of Boe, and I bid you welcome to this century.”

It’s a brand new, wonderful world, full of delights and mysteries again and this time it’s coming to her. Somehow, somewhere she can feel Elton smiling down happily at her.

“Hello,” she says, and smiles.

“Don’t let me down.”

Tags: doctor who, fic

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