Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Time to panic?

So time_and_chips and in particular doyle_sb4 were glimpsed in the latest Doctor Who Confidental. Which means one of two reactions will be occuring there - mass panic and wholesale deletion of stuff, or much more likely, things will get more direct.

I predict more explicit posts (though, given they've already emailed the lady who does the costumes about how David Tennent's trousers do up, that'll be hard), more posts with headings directed at the BBC - i.e. BBC - PLEASE PASS ON TO DAVID (which will probably get user comments consisting of "....Wait. This is your phone number only. No fic?") and pleas to RTD to either get rid of things or bring certain things back.

In short, chaos will reign for at least the next three weeks.

This'll be fun. *grins*

EDIT: The time_and_chips reaction thread.
Tags: doctor who

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