Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 2.09 The Satan Pit

Well, that ought to keep the shippers happy for quite a while. *eyes tthjinni*

"Tell Rose... Tell her... I... Oh, she knows."

"I've seen half Gods, demi-Gods and would-be Gods, but if there's one thing I believe in... it's her."

Beast to Rose : "You will die soon in battle." Four episodes left. Discuss.

The Doctor falls into utter darkness, and does his own dance with the devil, ultimately emerging the winner. Once again Ten gets a monologue of doom, and this time, pulls it off beautifully. Unlike Age of Steel, this had the air of him working things out in his head as he went along.

Rose and the Doctor - both refusing to leave each other as long as there was any kind of hope, and inspiring people to be better than they were. This is the Rose I love - determined, driven, encouraging and posessing a fine arse.

So glad to be wrong on who survived. I had my money on everyone dying, given the doom laden first part. Mr Jefferson rocks - and how much did I enjoy the whole air of politeness, formality and the recordings of each death? "Deceased, with honours." *sniff* And much love to the Ood's deaths actually meaning something. The Doctor apologised for not being able to save them, and Zach was adding their names to the death roll at the end.

Ida Scott - sounded like she might be back given what the Doctor said to her. Might just be my imagination though as I can't see how she'd appear in any of the eps we know about.

Torchwood count : one.
Tags: doctor who, episode review
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