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One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, Part 44

The continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs well... continues.

Previously on 102 Uses : Jack's been turned female thanks to another potion. Currently handcuffed to the bed, The Doctor has just entered Jack in one swoop...

The Doctor paused. Admittedly, he was new at this whole type of experience, but he’d been expecting…well, something to stop him.

Right here, right now, however, he was in the middle of what felt like a warm, velvet grasp around his cock. Not that much different from Rose, (mind you the breasts were much larger and seemed more inviting) but still this was fantastic! No wonder all the apes seemed to thinking about this non-stop. Not so stupid after all.

“Ahem,” said Jack below him, “But if you don’t start moving pretty soon Doc, I may well kill you with my bare hands when I get free.” The Doctor felt Jack’s legs close around his back and lock together. The not so gentle hint only intensified when Jack started trying to pull him in deeper.

The Doctor resisted somehow, though wanting nothing more than to plunge deeper into this delicious wetness. This warm, welcoming…. “Um…” he said, desperately trying to concentrate. Two hearts should be able to pump the blood around his body better than this, surely?

He glanced down at Jack’s new female face, with those highly kissable lips, and longer flowing hair framing his face. “Yes! Jack! Virgin!” he blurted. “Shouldn’t you be a virgin down there?”

Jack nodded. “Yup. I was. Now I’m not. Can we please get down to the fucking?” he pleaded. There was a rattle from the head of the bed as Jack ran the handcuffs along the metal rod.

The Doctor stared dreamily into Jack’s gorgeous eyes, feeling those new magnificent breasts pressing against his chest. He shifted forward automatically, and both he and Jack hissed in pleasure at the feelings. “Wait!” he desperately gasped, “Shouldn’t there be blood everywhere?”

“Doctor!” hissed Jack, “I’m a 51st century boy… girl! If you don’t think we’ve removed a few holdovers from the dark ages of history from the human genome by now, then we’re as stupid as you think we are!”

Rose paused from where she was searching through the box of stuff, and looked up. “What? No blood on your first time? Fuck!” she pouted.

“Where else do you think I got this dazzling smile of mine?” smirked Jack, his teeth gleaming in the light. He turned his attention back to the Doctor. “Now, I believe we were getting round to the frantic moving in and out bit? Pretty please with sugar on?”

The Doctor’s gaze flickered across Jack’s body. His breasts were heaving up and down in an excited fashion, his breath seemed to be coming in short pants and the nipples he’d been playing with earlier stood loud and proud. Jack obviously wanted this bad. The Doctor slowly and deliberately pulled himself back out of Jack’s grasping pussy until only the tip was left at the entrance. “Oh, I don’t know Jack,” he mused, “Both you and Rose were quite the teases before. It might well be poetic justice if I were to take it slow for a bit.”

“Doc!” said Jack with a fair amount of alarm. “Please don’t.”

The Doctor looked at Jack and raised one eyebrow questioningly. Jack whimpered.

“Oh, like I was ever going to wait!” smiled the Doctor and plunged deep inside Jack again and again. His erect cock pushing deep inside Jack in a rhythm growing faster and faster as the two of them interlocked in a way old pastime. “Oh, fuck!” cried Jack as the speed picked up even more, “You’re fucking me Doc! You’re fucking me fucking great!”

The Doctor felt energised, powerful and very aware of everything around him. The warm wetness pooling around his groin, the smooth motion in and out, the large breasts pressed against his chest, the way Jack’s tongue was now flicking around inside his mouth. “Mmm...” he moaned, desperately searching for air.

And then he felt Rose behind him. Her medium breasts gliding over his back, sending a whole new set of feelings through him. One of her hands drifting downwards to his and Jack’s groins. Delicately teasing his balls with one fingernail, he shuddered in a mix of joy and pain and ecstasy.

"Guess what I just found?” whispered Rose sexily into his ear. “I think it’s called a strap-on."
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