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Domestic (Doctor Who/Buffyverse cross)

Title: Domestic, part 1
Rating: 15
Setting: Between 1.11 Boomtown, and 1.12 Bad Wolf. Post-"Chosen" for Faith.
Summary: Stick some characters in the same room and they write themselves. Farce happens.
Characters: Faith, Rose, The Ninth Doctor, Jack, Mickey and Jackie.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine. All the playthings of RTD and the BBC. Except Faith who is a law unto herself and has escaped Joss and Mutant Enemy.

Written for tthjinni.

Chapter 1 - First Impressions

Brushing off the large amount of dust that had just covered his leather coat, the Doctor stared around at everyone in the flat. “Vampires!” he beamed, “Fantastic!”

“Yes, well,” said Jackie hustling past the Doctor and pulling the vaccum cleaner out of the hall storage closet, “It’s not like you’re going to bother being the one who cleans up after them.” She shook her head, and plugged the vaccum cleaner in, and started cleaning the hall carpet rapidly. “Honestly,” she tutted, “I don’t know where all this dust comes from when you kill them.”

The others just stared at her. Still rubbing his sore neck, Mickey pointed down at the mess on the floor, “She was… that was a bleeding vampire!”

The Doctor and Rose exchanged a look. To those that can read such looks, it was one of mixed emotions. One of ‘he’s your boyfriend, you deal with him’ and one of ‘he’s getting better and don’t you dare say a thing’. All the Doctor did say in the end however was to repeat his previous utterance; “Fantastic!”

The tall brunette in her own set of leathers rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah,” she said, “That wears off fast, believe me.” Sliding her wooden stake back inside her jacket, she stared around at Jackie’s flat. “Yeah, about what I imagined these places looked like on the inside as well. Though the blue box is more than a little fucking weird.”

Both Jackie and the Doctor cocked their heads slightly, trying to figure out who’d been insulted. Rose, who’d somehow picked up some tact along her travels with the Doctor, jumped in. “Introductions! You know anyone here?”

“Faith Lehane, vampire slayer,” the American drawled. “I know Jackie of course, and you must be the disappeared daughter. Guess old Captain Obvious here didn’t do it.” Mickey frowned, but Faith had already moved on. “Nice jacket, ear-boy,” she said, striding past the Doctor.

Jack quirked an eyebrow as she reached his position. Faith’s eyes swept up and down him, then round again just for the enjoyment factor. “And what do they call you?” she wondered out loud, tongue flicking out to lick her lips, “And how often?”

Jack smirked. Now this was a situation he knew what to do in. “I think the last lady called me god quite a few times, though after the fourth hour she did have a tendency to mumble. Captain Jack Harkness at your service.”

“At my service?” repeated Faith with a distinct gleam in her eye. “I wonder if you could help me with a small favour. The trouble with slaying vampires tends to be the build up of energy and here I am... poor little me, with no means of releasing it.”

Lowering his gun, Jack met her gaze and returned it with interest. “Oh, I think I might be able to show you something in the Tardis that would help.”

Faith looked at the Tardis. “Inside the box?”

“Oh, it’s deceptively spacious in there,” said Jack airily, guiding the very much unprotesting Slayer towards it. “You ought to see the size of my weapons collection.”

"Speaking of which, is that a weapon in your groin, or are you just happy to see me, Captain Jack?" smirked Faith back at him.

"Both, actually," smiled Jack, licking his lips in anticipation. "Excuse me, Doc - we're about to go reduce the furniture to pieces."

"And we're gonna need some new clothes afterwards too," added Faith as she strolled past the Doctor, who, incidentally, was desperately trying to cover his ears. Rose was dumbstruck, but Mickey had the air of a man frantically taking mental notes.

Jackie finished cleaning and turned the kettle on. "Never mind, dear" she said, "They'll be needing a decent cup of tea after all that."

"Mum," said Rose disbelievingly, as Faith and Jack sauntered into the Tardis, "They're NOT going to be assembling that furniture!!"

Jackie paused, "Well, I know that IKEA rubbish can be difficult at times, but that Captain Jack of yours looks pretty useful with his hands."

Mickey choked on his tea.

“Woo-hoo!” came the sound from inside the TARDIS, “It’s bigger than I thought!”

The Doctor stared fixedly out of the window, quietly repeating to himself “She meant the Tardis, she meant the Tardis….”

End chapter 1

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Tags: doctor who, faith, fic

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