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One Night

Bit of a change of pace from me this time. Probably the most romantic fic I've ever written so far, and an absolute pain to get out at times. But I'm rather proud of this in the end.

Title: One Night
Rating: 15
Setting: After 2.06 Age of Steel.
Summary: One night of quiet reflection from the Doctor leads to love. Ten/Rose.
Characters: Ten/Rose.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine. All the playthings of RTD and the BBC.

Written for tthjinni.

Breath taking.

That was the only way he could describe her right now.

Framed against the glass doors on their balcony, the night skies of Jable visible behind her. The deep rich crimson glow flickered across Rose Tyler’s face as she stood at the window, gazing out into the alien environment. A warm, gentle breeze stirred the lace curtains beside her, and even gently ruffled that gorgeous blonde hair of hers.

Further inside their bedroom was a chair. A nice chair; one of those chairs you wanted to just sit back and relax in. Long lankly legs dangling over the side, the tenth Doctor regarded Rose as she stood there. Beside him, the fireplace crackled and spat out a tiny shower of indigo blue flames.

She was beautiful.

How could she not know it?

Dressed up for tonight’s meal at this planet’s greatest restaurant, she had looked stunning. The black dress had fitted her wonderfully; the high heels and the slightly different hairstyle had made him look twice when she came out of the TARDIS wardrobe. He’d had to look twice just to recognise Rose there. All the other times he’d been caught staring at her had been solely for his pleasure.

And she’d just tried to brush it all off with some quip about scrubbing up well!

But she didn’t really realise how good she looked right now. How much she had changed since he’d first seen her in that grotty London basement. Changed in her outlook as much as the physical differences. Sometimes you needed moments of realisation like these – to see something for what it truly was, and not what you’d been assuming it was for all this time.

It was quiet in their room. And for once, the Doctor wasn’t talking to fill the gap. It wasn’t a strained silence, but a companionable one. They’d been talking and laughing and having fun all night throughout the expensive meal. She’d laughed so hard at one point, she’d almost caught a passing waiter and his tray. Which of course, had only had her laugh the harder.

And that was when he’d realised that he loved her.

Really, truly, madly, deeply loved Rose Tyler. Rose Tyler, daughter of Jackie and Pete Tyler. Rose Tyler of the Powell Estates, London, Earth, Rose Tyler, one-time shop assistant.

His Rose.

And now, they were here. At the suites reserved for them at the biggest, bestest, most fantastic hotel he could find back when he’d arranged this evening of celebration. One year of travelling together. Three hundred and sixty five days of travel throughout the cosmos together. Of course, he’d had to do something special for that. Something special for her.

And here they were indeed.

So comfortable with each other now, that he could just sit there and watch her, and not say anything. Watch Rose sip her wine, and look out over the sweeping vistas of the moon desert, its sand waves crawling along and crashing over the rocks nearby, sprays of sand flying everywhere. The moons shining down, and lighting their way across her face.

Breathtakingly beautiful.

He had to do something, say something to her. This… it couldn’t go on like this, could it? Sarah Jane came to his mind for some reason. She and he had never acted on what they’d felt together, and look at what that had done to her. Could he do that to Rose?


No, he couldn’t. Which meant he had to act now. He sprang up out of the chair suddenly, not knowing exactly what he was going to do, but he’d think up some course of action. He was, after all, a master of improvisation.

He crossed the room to where she was standing, gazing out of the window and moved to just behind her. Lazily, she turned her head back to look at him briefly and smiled at him. Turning back to watching the sand tides, she leant back and relaxed against him, secure.

He started stroking her hair with one hand, running it through those lustrous yellow locks of hers. If it was possible, she relaxed even more against him, simply enjoying the moment. Ah, humans… such a creative, adaptive and wonderful species. He studied the fall of her tresses as they passed over his fingers, noting everything away for future remembrance.

Yes, this too would pass. Rose would pass. But here and now, she was alive and wonderfully, indisputedly Rose Tyler. His previous self had needed Rose to be able to move on from the pain and the agony that had ripped through him when Gallifrey had been destroyed. She had been the one to bring him back from the abyss of self-loathing and pain and hatred, and to reconnect him with the simple pleasures of life. Travelling around the universe seeing old friends through new eyes.

She had saved him.

But that self couldn’t had done this, taken this step towards her. He’d had to die and be reborn into a brasher, brighter, more healed self. For Rose, though he hadn’t realised it at the time. And somehow it all led to this moment, this tiny instant in space and time.

He leant forward and kissed the back of Rose’s neck.

She shivered and stiffened at the same time, turning her head quickly to look up at him, questions clearly visible on her face. He smiled gently back at her, reassuring her that this was what he was doing, that this was what he wanted to be doing. Rose searched his face for a moment, before slowly breaking out into a wide, wicked grin. Wordlessly, she turned back to staring out across the crimson skies, rolling her neck and shoulders to openly display them to the Doctor.

Both arms went around Rose’s waist, and he just held them there for a moment, savouring the feeling of having Rose, holding Rose. Still holding her, he tilted his head and placed another gentle kiss on the nape of Rose’s neck. The shudder was more apparent this time, more evident through his arms.

He paused there again, enjoying the moment so much. The feel of Rose against him, the sweet smell of Rose’s hair, the warmth of their two bodies pressed together. He breathed onto Rose’s neck, feeling the heated air passing over her flushed skin. Rose moaned slightly and shifted on her feet. Another kiss, and he could hear her putting down the wineglass. This time he blew softly, deliberately against her.

Rose’s hands were on top of his now, clasped together. She moaned again as his lips moved from the back of her neck to grazing the side of her face. Butterfly light kisses fluttered across her jaw and ended at her ear. He blew gently into her ear and nipped at the lobe, then raised his eyebrow slightly at her response.

Bending down a fraction, he kissed the top of her shoulder blade, before nibbling at the warm flesh exposed to the Jable breeze. Gently nipping his way along her shoulder, the Doctor could not fail to recognise the effect it was having on Rose. Smiling, he traced his way back again. Rose pulled his clasped hands up from their position around her waist, and placed them firmly on top of her breasts. If he’d had any doubts before this signal, they were washed away.

Holding her breasts firmly, the Doctor continued nuzzling at the back of Rose’s neck, her gorgeous hair now flopped to one side to aid his access. His thumbs started to stroke in small circles around the upper reaches of her breasts, running over the seam of her dress as they went. He pressed his lips to the nape of her neck and licked delicately at her now goosebumped skin.

A growling noise escaped him, as he nipped at the skin newly exposed there. Through the dress’s material, he could feel a taut pair of nipples standing tall and thrusting themselves into the palms of his hands. Her hands were still holding his tightly in position, as she sighed in pleasure. The Doctor could feel her heart beating faster and faster in her chest.

Unconsciously or not, Rose started pushing her perfect posterior against him, producing the automatic reaction from him. As he swelled, he felt Rose pause for a moment, then pressed back even firmer than before. He couldn’t see her face, but he just knew she had that smile of hers across her face. Well, two could play that game…. Trailing a series of nibbles and kisses along her bare shoulder, he moved on up to her ear and nipped the lobe again.

Rose drew in breath sharply, before dropping her grasp on his hands and turning around to face him. For one heart stopping moment, they just stood there facing each other. Rose stood there in her black shoulderless dress, the Doctor in his typical outfit. Just briefly the thought that maybe he should have dressed up as well passed across his mind.

A tiny, infinitesimal moment in time seemed to last for eternity. One fraction of time to capture the background of the night sky behind them, the cool breeze drifting inside and the crackle of the fire. One instant where there was no pain, no rushing for their lives. Just Rose and the Doctor.

She reached up and kissed him.

Once, twice. Each time a promise of hope, of joy, of not having to be lonely tonight. That she would be there.

Maybe it would only be this one night. Maybe they would wake up in the morning, deeply regretting it. But if he’d learned anything from these amazing human beings and most especially Rose – it was to live for the moment at times like these.

Rose reached up behind herself and fiddled with something on the back of the dress. There was a sigh and a rustle of fabric falling to the floor. There she was; Rose Tyler. Semi naked and proud before him.

His Rose. His love.

The Doctor reached out one hand and held hers in that so familiar way of theirs. Gently he tugged her towards the roaring fireplace. The light from the fire flickered and danced their way across her glorious body banishing the darkness away. He kissed her and held her tight against his body.

Maybe all they would have was this one night together. She was human and fragile and they all died so easily or left him behind. But he would have this much with Rose to keep him warm through those long solo flights in the Tardis when Rose was no longer there.

One night.

The inevitable pain was worth it for Rose.

His Rose.

His love.

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  • random writing return

    This feels weird. a) back on LJ (for god knows how long) b) actually being in a writing mood c) writing something I've never written before d)…

  • And we're off...!

    So far, Writerconuk can be summed up as: Furniture 2 Kazzy_cee 0 And this is all before the cocktails.

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    1) Thank ningloreth, the rest of the committee and the hotel very much 2) actually book the hotel 3) pay for writercon 4) panic 5) panic some more 6)…