Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 2.08 The Impossible Planet

Well now, that has to be the best episode this season so far.

The Ood are odd - delightfully so. And yet so harmless looking until they get the red eye upgrade to hell. Then... *shiver*

The story structure wasn't as predictable as the Cybermen two-parter which had most of its arc sketched out early and sign posted. Best thing about this ep is that I don't know quite what is happening, but I'm loving it and have no idea what will happen next.

Clever idea of the roll call to introduce us to the characters. It'll be interesting to see how many of the named people survive next week. *evil grin*

The mortage conversation! So cute, so nicely in character for both Rose and the Doctor and again leaving so much unsaid. And a very nice use of continuity with Jackie and the phone.

Pre-credits cliffhanger with the Ood and "We must feed" - hysterical, yet chilling at the same time. Nice way to bring in the tapping the translater gag too. Loved the slow build of the tension among everyone in all those little ways - the computer repeating "He is awake", the flickering lights, the writing on the face. Chilling build up.

Big laughs for the "It's gonna be the best Christmas in Walford ever!" line.

Tense, brilliant and scary. Is it next week yet?
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