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Random Update o' Stuff

*eyes LJ cautiously* Still not entirely sure I'm happy with this new setup for updates that LJ's brought in. The caption competition the other day was bad enough... Still, I think I'm getting the hang of it now. *crosses fingers*.

So, yesterday I woke up in screaming agony again. Like before, I stretched in my sleep and either pulled something in my right calf or cramp hit. Either way, I went from doze to fully awake in 2 seconds. Not recommended, folks. Limped around for the next hour and a half, but eventually went into work, and wished I hadn't. Bank Holiday Tuesday's are never of the best considering you always get two days work piled into one, but other people at work have started figuring this out too, and booking those days off. *growls*

Did manage to get a new smut laiden part of 102 Uses... written last night. And working on a romance type Rose/Ten fic which is very much out of my normal comfort zone. Probably why I'm going so slow on it - ironically, there might not be any of the filthy, dirty smut in it (it just doesn't seem right for it) which really throws me off when I'm flitting between the two mindsets needed. *grin*

Must look into webcams and/or get batteries for my digital camera sometime. Incidentally, if anyone wondered why I never posted the pictures from my trip to the States in Oct, most of them came out fuzzed to death. Cameras, me and fellow LJers never seem to work well - just ask houses7177 about our meeting in London. *grin* Anyone want to see them anyway?

*huggles wildecate, mynuet and tthjinni*
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