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One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, Part 42

It was meant to be a reply to tthjinni's part 41, but alas twas too long for a reply post. *grin* Therefore....

Previously on 102 uses... After the Doctor and Rose returned to their own bodies, Jack drank from the wrong bottle, and got turned female. He immediately got down to the serious business of test driving it himself. Until he was stopped...

 It was the Doctor’s hand all right. Either way, Jack let out a sigh of disappointment as his clit demanded more action, more of the excitement that had filled him.


“Now, now,” smiled the Doctor, “Plenty of time for all that when we get finished with you.”


We? Jack focused past the Doctor and saw Rose next to him, staring down at his newly female groin with what could only be described as a look of insatiable curiosity and lust across her face. Rose’s tongue flicked out and darted quickly around the edges of her lips. Jack had seen that look quite a few times before in his long and very fruitful life so far – now that was a woman considering certain things for the first time and finding them not unpleasant.


Rose swallowed hard, then smiled. One of those Rose smiles of hers when the sky felt like it had opened up before you, though this one was tinged with heat and lust in it. Bending forward, she crawled towards Jack on her hands and knees. “Oh yes,” she breathed hoarsely, “Definitely we.”


Jack hardly noticed the Doctor taking both his hands and holding them high above his body. All his attention was concentrated on Rose’s approach along the bed. Carefully, Rose reached out and placed her hands on Jack’s widely parted legs. Experimentally she ran her hands up and down the inner thighs before her. Jack groaned – he hadn’t realised just how sensitive those really were before this.


There was a click, and a feeling of cold steel hardness around his wrists. What the hell…!? He knew that sound very well – handcuffs. More to the point, that was the distinctive sounds of his own personal pair locking themselves shut on him. How the hell had the Doctor been able to close them around the bed’s headboard without the proper codes?


The Doctor slid back into view, grinning like a maniac, and twiddling the sonic screwdriver around in his fingers. Oh, well that explained everything. And then Rose’s exploring hands started to reach the top of his thighs, and Jack quickly focused all his attention down there again.


Rose’s blonde head was clearly visible before his legs, staring upwards in excited wonder. Her hands ran up and down those sensitive thighs sending ripples throughout his new body whenever she approached the now sopping wet groin. God, if it wasn’t for those handcuffs, he’d have one hand down there right now flicking his clit for all he was worth and plunging the other deep inside that wet source of heat.


Rose stopped her motions and stared directly at what was in front of her face right now. Jack’s pussy almost clenched involuntarily as Rose looked closely at what had to be the first pussy not her own she’d ever got this near to. The little tuft of blonde curls at the top, the throbbing clit peeking out from under its hood, the two lips covered in moisture.


Both Jack and the Doctor watched her in as much silence as they could. This was totally Rose’s decision all the way. The Doctor’s hands had found their way to Jack’s generous breasts, and were teasing their slow way around the very hard nipples there. Now, the Doctor pinched them hard. Again, and again. Then pulled them upwards and away from Jack’s chest. Oh fuck! That was good! Jack bit down on his lip, desperate not to utter any sound that might disturb Rose and her rapt concentration.


Rose tilted her head and studied the sight before her, eyes lit in delight and excitement. Closer forward she leaned, until she was inches away. Jack felt the warm breath from her, and had to struggle again to show no reaction. Rose drew in air though her nose, smelling the excited aroma from Jack. “Oh yeah,” she panted, “That’s good, that smells real nice.”


Licking her lips, Rose leant forward again and extended her index finger. She ran it down the two pouting lips before her, and giggled slightly at what she was doing. Serious once more, she studied the now damp finger and swallowed. Slowly, her tongue reached out and licked a portion of it. Then another longer part of it. She paused, and then opened her mouth wide and closed her mouth around her finger. Her mouth moved up and down on it, almost simulating a blow job.


“Mmmmm...” she said, popping her finger out of her mouth and with a new frenzied look in her eyes, “Tastes nice as well. Wonder what it’s like from the source...”


Rose moved in closer than ever, and ran her tongue along the groove of Jack’s pussy.

Tags: doctor who, femmeslash, fic, smut

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