Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood is a red herring?

I'm really starting to think now that Torchwood is not the season long puzzle for Doctor Who.

Torchwood is present in the episodes, yes - but there does seem to be a number of other continuing motiefs that have occurred in the first seven episodes of season two.

a) Villains thoughout the season so far have included Finch (School Reunion), Crane (Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel) and Magpie (Idiot's Lantern). Are all these bird names coincidence?

b) The general theme throughout the season so far of 'changing humans'. From the disease carriers in New Earth evolving into a new human culture, the werewolf in Tooth and Claw, the Krillitanes messing around with human DNA in School Reunion, the need for human body parts in Girl in the Fireplace and naturally the creation of the Cybermen. There was even a reference in Tooth and Claw to Rose's experiences with the Time Vortex in The Parting of the Ways. Maybe something is going to happen to Rose? Possibly the Time Lords will be reborn somehow?

c) The Moon. This one is coming up a lot as well. Werewolves and the moon are a natural pairing as seen in Tooth and Claw, the Krillitanes were flying in the night sky against the moon in School Reunion and The Idiot's Lantern apparently has the moon drawn on the side of the video tape.

While playing the Crack the Secret Code game on the BBC website, it's fascinating to see all the different sites they've set up and spent ages on making look realistic. However, one page sends you to the bookshop at one location with three books - one of which is called The Light of the Moon.

Something is seriously up.

Makes you wonder.
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