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Doctor Who 2.07 The Idiot's Lantern

Tieing with School Reunion at the moment for my favourite episode of the season so far. It was smart, scary, well played by everyone involved, and a massive relief after the last three weeks or so. Plus - I like Rose again!

Nice to see the two of them just having fun together again.

"I am TALKING!" *sigh* The dad was annoying to start with, but nice to see actual character evolution from that family along the way. Apparently the actor playing Tommy is really 22 - didn't look it and did a nice job too.

"King of Belgium". *snerk* Step up from 'lonely boy' at least.

No Torchwood reference oddly. This, of all the episodes around here, I would have expected a reference. Perhaps they'll go the other way with it and have Torchwood refer to here. Maybe a Magpie tv set in their office. *grin*

Maureen Lipman rocks. Perfectly pitched performance - as they said in the Confidental, she was just right between over-acting and not selling the script. Someone send a copy of this to Lumic to show him how to avoid over-acting, pleeeeeease.

The interogation scene with the Doctor was lovely. You could almost visibly see him taking control of the situation, aided by the varying heights of the people around. Very nice camera angles and tricks to emphasise the power shift.

"There are three long, brilliant and complicated reasons why you should listen to me..."
*Doctor drops to the floor*

Though my favourite moment overall? When the Doctor replies to 'Everything you know' with "You can't wrap your hands around your elbow and have your fingers meet," and you see the policeman behind them try it out! Hee!
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