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One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, Part 38

The continuing misadventures of the Ninth Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and a certain sonic screwdriver.

Previously, on 102 Uses... The Doctor and Rose had swopped bodies, things had gotten to the squelching stage and beds had been broken. (Parts 36 and 37 here.)

~ + ~

Fantastic! That had been pretty much the only thought running through the Doctor’s mind as he enjoyed the strange new feelings throughout his new body. Forget the minor differences like only one heart, he now had breasts! Boobs! And nipples that appeared to have a direct connection to his nervous system.

Being inside Rose’s body had been an eye-opener.

But this?

Being fucked?

Having a large thrusting cock plunging deep inside this body? Pounding in and out of the soaking wet pussy, sending overwhelming waves of pleasure everywhere?

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! No wonder humans swore so much if this was how they felt all the time.

Fucking amazing.

‘She’ rolled her head back in paroxysms of delight, and felt ‘her’ fingernails digging deeply into ‘the Doctor’s shoulder. Oh, he was going to regret that later, but right now? So good, so good, soooooo good…

And then ‘the Doctor’ was leaning down and biting at those sensitive nipples. Oh hell! Fresh and somehow more intensive thrills raced throughout ‘her’. Of course, if anyone knew how this body worked, Rose would. ‘Her’ legs rose up automatically, clamping themselves to the male body above ‘her’ as the building feeling grew and grew until…

Suddenly everything went black.

Everyone froze in position. “Don’t stop,” babbled ‘Rose’, clutching at ‘The Doctor’, “Almost there….almost there.”

“Oh, Findangel’s frolix!” swore Jack, from a little way away in the darkness. Sounding slightly embarrassed, he continued onwards, “I think I might have had a tiny little mishap with the sonic screwdriver.”

“Jack!” came the disgusted reply from ‘the Doctor’, and ‘Rose’ felt a moment of panic as ‘he’ pulled out and sat up. What about the fucking for Rassilon’s sake? ‘She’ whimpered.

“You were busy,” came Jack’s voice floating through the darkness, “And I looked at the sonic screwdriver, and thought you know, I could do with being a little more sonic.”

There was a reflective pause. “Actually, Rose… you could do with being a little more sonic yourself. Well, your body really. Call those cries of passion? Not going to wake up the people in the TARDIS next door like that!”

‘The Doctor’ spluttered. “Well I…. it sounded perfectly normal to me! I think. Did I sound like that earlier?”

‘Rose’ could feel herself rolling ‘her’ eyeballs in that way that both infuriated and intrigued him when Rose did it. “What. Did. You. Do. To my sonic screwdriver?” ‘she’ managed to get out through gritted teeth.

There was a slight shifting in the complete darkness around them, as the bed creaked. “I was just curious,” said Jack.

“I don’t like the sound of this already,” murmured ‘the Doctor’.

“I just wondered what setting 69 did.”

‘Rose’ closed ‘her’ eyes. Yes, still surrounded by complete dimness. “Temporary EMPulse, knocking out this part of the TARDIS,” ‘she’ said in the most disgusted tone of voice ‘she’ could manage.

A bad thought hit ‘her’. “Uh-oh.”

“I don’t like it when he says that either,” ‘the Doctor’ said. “Jaaaaacck!”

“It’s possible,” ‘Rose’ continued, “That with the previous time shifts, the flow of time might be slightly disrupted around here.”

“Well, that’s okay,” smirked Jack, “Can’t see anything wrong myself at the present.”

‘Rose’ rolled herself up off the bedding, and onto ‘her’ knees. “Just give me the damn screwdriver back, Jack,” ‘she’ uttered. Running ‘her’ hands around in the dark, ‘she’ found a leg.

A most definitely male leg.

Running one hand up it, ‘she’ couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of enjoyment at this. This was kinda fun, really. Reaching the top of the thigh, ‘Rose’ reached out carefully, and closed her grasp around….

‘She’ froze.

“Does anyone else hear ticking?”

~ + ~

*does the dance of evul incarnate*
Tags: doctor who, fic, smut
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