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One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver, Part 36

Yet more of the smut ridden fic extrapalooza co-written with the evil cliff-hanger leaving tthjinni. Told you I'd get revenge...

Previously, on 102 Uses... After Jack lost out to the Doctor in the naked wrestling match, The Doctor was the one who drank the body swopping potion with Rose. (Parts 33-35 are here).

~ + ~

They kissed deeply, tongues duelling with each other in that age old fashion. Just slightly different in that each of them was busy gazing into their own eyes, seeing the lust and heat reflected back.

Raising ‘himself’ up from ‘Rose’ fractionally, ‘the Doctor’ broke the kiss off, head still spinning from the sensations of ‘his’ new body. Experimentally, ‘he’ flexed a certain muscle down below and was rewarded by an intake of breath from ‘Rose’ underneath him as ‘his’ cock moved against the waiting pussy. Smiling, ‘he’ said “You know Doctor, after all this dancing we’ve been doing…. There’s just one thing we haven’t done yet.”

The face below ‘him’ grinned impishly upwards. ‘The Doctor’ found his eyes tracking the motion of ‘her’ tongue darting back and forth over her mouth, and ‘his’ pulse accelerating that bit more. “Penetration,” said ‘Rose’ apparently calm, “We’ve had no actual groinal penetration yet.”

The look in ‘her’ eyes betrayed the façade. ‘She’ was not calm at all, but desperately wanting it, needing it, wanting ‘him’.

“And you know what’s going to make it just that little bit more hotter?” whispered ‘the Doctor’. “That this is wrong, that I’m going to be fucking you…”

“Do it!” whispered ‘Rose’, “Fuck me. Fuck me now!”

‘The Doctor’ slid down ‘Rose’s body a fraction more, and raised himself up above her on his arms. ‘He’ thrust deep within ‘Rose’ with one stroke – or rather, ‘he’ tried to. “Fuck!” he exclaimed with annoyance, “Bloody thing’s not straight! I swear to god you blokes are all the same!”

‘He’ tried again. “Ow!” swore ‘Rose’, as ‘the Doctor’ failed to get things lined up properly again.

“Relax, guys and gals,” came the deep, rumbling, amused voice from beside them. “Leave it in the very capable hands of Captain Jack Harkness. Getting into tight spots is my speciality.”

One of Jack’s hands gently raised one of ‘the Doctor’s legs upwards and onto the broad shoulders of Jack. Worming his way along the sheets on the bed, Jack paused, just inches away from the Doctor and Rose’s crotches. A chill raced through both their bodies as Jack’s warm breath hit their skin.

Taking the erect cock before him into his hand, Jack maneovered it slightly around. Failing to resist temptation completely, he ran his tongue around the head quickly and heard the shuddering effect on ‘the Doctor’ above him. His other hand, already soaked by ‘Rose’s juices parted her lips to reveal the soft pink delights waiting there. Rubbing ‘the Doctor’s cock up and down along those swollen depths, he placed the erection in the perfect position and withdrew.

“Time to get all squelchy,” Jack smirked.

The Doctor caught Rose’s eye. “Do it!” ‘Rose’ hissed, “Fuck me!”

‘The Doctor’ thrust forward.

The TARDIS lurched.

~ + ~


Yes, I'm evil.
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