Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 2.05 Rise of the Cybermen

Ok, now that it finally turned up...

We have two Mickey's running around at the moment. Well, one Mickey and one Ricky to be technical. *grin* From all the foreshadowing at the beginning, it's looking quite anvilicous that at least one of them'll die next week.

Speaking of which, no previews!!! Although, I'm quite happy with the lack to be happy - just like old times on Doctor Who, wondering how they'll get out of this cliffhanger. Interestingly, there appears to be a distinction between "Delete" and "Maximum Deletion" according to the last cyber-speech.

Nice shout-out to Father's Day where, once again, Pete Tyler spills everything to Rose, somehow knowing deep down she's his daughter. The Rose in this parallel earth of course being a small Yorkshire Terrier in need of a bath. And the Doctor's face when he sees that.... bwahahaha!

Torchwood references this week : 2

Production crew's song from their teenage years this week : The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

The Cybermen themselves? Sneakily kept under wraps until they crash the party, but the moving together in unison was creepy, but as they really should always have been. There appears to be no long range weapons on them which is another improvement I adore, as to me the whole scare factor of Cybermen was that they could go anywhere you could, but never tire or slow down or be stopped by anything you tried.

The TARDIS is dead; long live the TARDIS. The diesel/gas metaphor was interesting, and didn't the Doctor look fascinating when he lost 10 years of his life? Though I suspect DT in a tux will affect most of my flist more. Or maybe semi-nekkid Mickey tied to a chair.

Of course, given that the football over-ran, yet again Doctor Who failed to keep the same time slot for two weeks in a row. Eurovision next week, so that one is out as well. *sigh*
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