Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Three Doctor Who drabbles

As was requested in this thread, three Doctor Who drabbles.

wildecate requested Angel, Doctor Who and Rose.

Wow. Dark and brooding. And totally hot with it.

So’s the Doctor.

Right now, they’re in a brood-off.

Glaring at each other, both in their all black ensembles, fighting over just who should save us. Makes a girl feel all appreciated.

On the other hand, hello? I’m over here, guys.

Beside me, Cordy snorts in derision though her gag. While both of us are all tied up and ready to be sacrified, those idiots are arguing?

Thankfully, demons attack. I study Angel’s body, I mean moves, as he hacks and slashes away. Oh, and the Doctor’s.

Mmmmmm…. hello, salty goodness!

~ + ~

tthjinni requested Ten/Rose and an apron.

He looks cute in that Kiss The Cook apron. Not that I’m ever going to admit that.

Just another stop on our great galaxy tour, right? Wrong.

You know, I’d sorta gotten used to the Doctor paying our way across the universe, here a meal, there a shopping trip… So, when the restaurant won’t take his money, it’s a shock. Not half as much a shock as having to do the washing up to pay for the meal, mind you.

Which is why he’s got that apron. And why we’re standing here, arms deep in dirty dishes.

Cute apron though.

~ + ~

leaper182 requested Ten/Rose, secrets.

The sonic screwdriver’s gone.


I am a sensible and rational Time Lord, and will not charge into Rose’s room demanding it back and cleaned this time.

Besides, I cheat.

With one flick of a switch on the console, I turn it off. No power, no motion, no vibrate setting. Lets see how long it takes before Rose comes out.

At which point, she will pretend she just found it, and I will pretend that I have no idea what’s wrong with it. And we will smile sweetly at each other, and feel that sexual tension tighten a little more.
Tags: doctor who, drabbles, fic

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