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And now for the good news...

Meanwhile, over in the general news section, my flist rocks.

foenix notes that George Lucas has been hit by an attack of sanity. Star Wars DVDs to feature original theatrical versions of the films. Han shot first! Han shot first! Woooot!

jetpack_monkey has managed to find out that Christopher Eccleston is to star in the remake of The Prisoner. Reeeeeeally not sure how that one's gonna go down. The Prisoner was very much of it's time, and yet paradoxically timeless. To capture what made that work is going to be very tough indeed. I suspect I shall await further news of the other people involved before I make my mind up.

And the kind meganbmoore has spotted that Veronica Mars season 2 is out on DVD August 15th.

I have the bestest flist. Yes, even you. *points*

Oh, and what I suspect might end up being called One Hundred and TWO Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver is still going. Ninth Doctor, Jack and Rose, heading towards PWP status at a fair rate of speed.
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