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When the highlight of your work day is finding a cheque for £79,000, losing it, and then refinding it, you should know that it's not going to be one of those ordinary days.

Dunno whether it was the excess of mail caused by the bank holiday, dunno whether it was the heat playing with the machines, dunno whether it was the engineers playing around with the sorting machines during our breaks... Yesterday was probably the worse non-Christmas day I can remember for the last couple of years.

Didn't help that I left a little late for work, and missed the bus as it pulled away from the stop as I ran up to it. So I decided to hit the cashpoint while I was waiting. Bus number 2 pulled away from the stop as I got back. Bus number 3 was late. *head-desk*

We start off on machine 1, which jams on and off for the first half of that session before settling down to pour stuff out fairly rapidly. We switch to machine 2 just before the break (in fact they start that one going while some of us are still finishing off on machine 1. That didn't go down too well, having a backlog on 2 before we'd even gotten over there. *fume*). After break, machine 2 starts acting odd, and eventually starts spitting everything out before it even gets near the sorting/cancelling section. We call the engineers out to sort it. Everyone except a couple of us are told that we're switching back to machine 1. So again, a nice surprise to see that machine running while I'm still tidying up the remains on machine 2.

Final session of the day, and we're running both machines as this is when the bulk of the stuff from collections start hitting. Something has definitely happened while we've been at lunch. In precisely half of the second class sortations, there's lots of first class mixed in with it. All canceled properly, and no reason on earth why it's not coming out in the first. Every now and then, you get the occasional first in the second or vice versa. No big deal, it's part of my duty to pull those out. But not when it's coming out at about 1 in every 4 !

Scream for the engineers. They come out, poke around and go away saying see how that works. It hasn't. I give it another few minutes to see if their changes will work through the system but no. At this point I have about 2000 letters to sort through by hand before they can go through the main system at work, and that's on top of the other ordinary, properly sorted first and second class that are flooding through the machine at top speed.

So, anyhow, nightmare at work. Really, really tired when I got home and collapsed on the sofa. Didn't even manage to be able to write another part of tthjinni's and my Nine/Rose/Jack/sonic screwdriver epic. *sigh*

Please... don't let today be anything like that.

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