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Shameless self-promotion / latest meme

The All about me meme : Here are some select passages from stories I've written, but I don't tell you which. Links will be provided later, if you're desperate enough to beg for them. :) Gacked from jade_okelani and sarea_okelani.

The first quote.
Amy remembered those long, cold days. In the very heat of summer, when it was so hot outside in the Californian sunshine, she would be lying there on the kitchen floor. Cold, clammy and shivering so hard that she had to wrap her arms around herself and curl up into a small ball.

Sounds had drifted to her while she was lying there, racked by pain, desire and need. Sounds of children playing, of ice cream vans passing by and birds singing. The bright sunshine shining in through the windows, and slowly, ever so slowly, creeping across the floor towards where she had lain shaking.

Oh, she had no desire to ever go through that again. Alone, and not knowing or even caring when it would end. Slowly she had realized the fits were coming less and less. That she was getting enough warning of an upcoming fit to get herself to the bedroom.

That the summer had passed without her noticing.

“Yes! Yes, I went cold turkey over summer. By myself.”

The second quote
Suddenly she launched into a series of athletic moves with the wand grasped in her hand. Blocks and parries, swinging it round and finally finishing with a final deep firm thrust forward at chest level.. Not even out of breath, she looked straight at him and asked “Hey… Not shabby for an old guy there. Any way of working on the girth?”

He had the distinct feeling that he was no longer in control of this situation.

And this one
Even Big Guy seemed to be ignoring the chirps in his ear and staring at her.

Wait a moment….. “In a hot tub, with Big Guy?” Buffy blurted out. She swung round and stared at him. “You were naked too? With Willow?!?!”

He twitched.

Big Guy definitely twitched. And she was fairly sure that that particular twitch was embarrassment. And that meant…“Willow!”

Oh, and this one
She was going to be missed.

From the heartfelt gleeful jumping up and down to the way that she would slam down his reheated morning cups of blood. The way that she’d almost inhaled his lessons on fighting with that intent look in her eyes. Cuddling together with baby Connor, almost a family. Her infuriating filing system. The sheer venom and different amounts of sarcasm she could fit into the word “Boss”.

They could have been… maybe they should have been. But not now.

Mustn't forget this one
Checking schedule, I discover Eve has booked next 15 minutes as “Brooding / Staring out over LA time”. Am very annoyed and spend next 15 minutes sitting in chair instead. That’ll show her.

And finally
She looked down at her feet. Was she… blushing? “And… um…. Giles says I have to give you your zattie thingies back…. I’m very sorry I took them with me.”

O….K…. This was definitely not going the way he’d been semi-expecting. “Ah… that’s very kind of you” he said, mouth on auto-pilot. “Is there anything else that we could do for you?” he continued on. As the words came out of his mouth, he could almost hear Jack’s disgusted cry of “Daniel!!” in the control room.

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