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Reasons why I should go through My Documents more regularly....

Decided tonight to sort out and arrange all the files in my My Documents. This one's a crossover, that one's pure HP, that's a buffyverse1000, etc. All was well and good until I started hitting the files I hadn't labeled that well, and had to open them up and look. Some nice surprises and pleasent memories certainly.

Until I hit one fic.

I vaguely remember starting it, but have no idea what the hell I was going to do with it. It's a complete blank. So naturally I now turn to the sick and twisted inventive minds of my flist.

Any suggestions on what to do next with it?

Title: If Three’s a Crowd, What About Six?
Setting: Ninth Doctor era, just before “Boomtown”.
Author's Notes:

In a small, rarely visited section of inter-galactic space just outside the Milky Way, there lies the remnants of a minor battle that waged through both space and time. The participants, whoever they were, managed to wipe out both of their own prevailing histories and promptly vanished from time and space.

The only aftermath of their little war was a slight weakness in the space-time continuum. However, being located so far from normal travel routes or inhabitable places, this particular weakness was overlooked and never discovered by anyone.

After all, it would take a most uniquely propelled vehicle travelling through space and time to even spot this weakness, let alone locate it precisely.

Unless of course, you were a Time Lord in a type 40 TARDIS and an incorrigible habit of wandering around the universe at random.

The Doctor’s face changed in an instant as most of the TARDIS’s alarm systems blared out all at once. Throwing himself across the console room, he desperately scanned all the readouts flashing away in their Galifreyan text, searching for the reason.

“Doctor?” queried Rose, still adjusting to the way their conversation had finished so abruptly. “What’s happening?”

“Who’s attacking us, Doc?” shouted Jack, bursting into the control room half dressed, but still managing to locate a gun from somewhere. Rose occasionally wondered where he kept them all.

“No-one!” shouted the Doctor back, his hands playing the controls with the speed and virtuosity of a concert pianist. “Some sort of natural warp in the time-space corridor which intersected our course. Now shut up for a moment while I save us all!”

He flashed a quick grin at Rose, “Of course, it would take a genius of staggering intellect to be able to stabilise this warp and prevent us from being whisked away and into a parallel timeline. Luckily I’m here.”

Jack joined the Doctor at the console. “I think I remember being told about these when I was a Time Agent – two competing timelines which cross over at a pivotal point and any disruption could be fatal.”

“Spot on, that man,” nodded the Doctor towards Jack, spinning a wheel on the console clockwise before darting round to the next panel and entering a string of commands. “At this precise moment, we’re orbiting this gap in time/space trying not to get pulled in. It’s like the event horizon of a black hole – any closer, and we’re gone.”

Straightening up, he gave the TARDIS a gentle pat. “Thanks to this old gal, we’re safe for the moment. But unless we can find another source of power soon, we’re going to be sucked in.”

“Doctor?” asked Rose, eyes wide open.

“Not now, Rose,” said the Doctor scratching his head, and studying the readouts.

“Doctor? So there’s a parallel universe out there? Just like ours?”

“Yes, Rose,” he sighed, glancing up at her, “That is generally the accepted meaning of that term.”

“So that would explain that then, Doc?” said Jack, also staring over Rose’s shoulder.

Irritated, the Doctor turned round to see just what was distracting everyone else. Behind him, a few feet away was a shimmering curtain of light just barely visible in the air. It looked like it extended directly through the TARDIS console room, and throughout his battered travelling companion.

But through the light curtain, he could see the oh so familiar sights of his TARDIS console room – the large supporting beams, the console itself, the ramp up – all in perfect mirror order. And three equally shocked travellers.

Both Doctor’s jaws dropped. “Fan – bloody – tastic!” they both beamed in unison.

Yeah, I know. *slaps self*
Tags: doctor who, fic, gah!
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