Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Stargate drabble

Just passing through quickly, and remembered that I wrote laney_1974 a quick SG-1 drabble the other day, based on her style. So I figured to share the pain. *grin*

"Intriguing," observed Thor as SG-1's uniforms and equipment materialised in his ship and collapsed to the ground, "There appears to be a malfunction in this new teleporter."

~ + ~

Oh god.

Surely this had to be a bad dream.

She'd had dreams like this way back in high school. Obviously she was more stressed about meeting the President than she'd thought if the old 'naked in school' dreams were back.

But it felt like it was real.

Down to Mitchell swearing his head off (and why was he naked as well?) and Teal'c's impassive eyebrow twitch.

Oh god. This was really happening.

Sidenote/query - Is there such a word as "Teal'c's" ? *head scratch*
Tags: drabbles, fic, stargate

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