Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Brief Doctor who snippet - title still to be worked out

Rating: 12
Summary: A missing scene from Tooth and Claw
Disclaimer: They ain't mine. They’re all RTD and the Beeb’s. *sob*
Author’s note:Spoilers for Doctor Who 2x02 - Tooth and Claw

The door slammed behind the four of them, as the Doctor led them at speed into another room. Quickly checking for mistletoe, Rose was not happy to see it missing.

“Sir Robert?” inquired the Doctor as he and Rose quickly pushed a cupboard in front of the door. “Is this another of your father’s rooms?”

Looking around, Rose was also not happy to see another skylight in this room as well. But the moonlight streaming in from it illustrated a very different type of room. It was a long gallery with dark green plants at intervals between what appeared to be large stuffed animals.

“Is that… a stuffed gorilla?” Rose said, staring in mild disbelief at the nearest one.

Sir Robert grimaced slightly. “Ah…” he said, helping the Doctor with adding a second cupboard, “This gallery was created by my father’s father. He was a keen naturalist and shot many animals during his excursions around the world.”

“Wow!” said the Doctor, practically bouncing in the air. “He must have been quite the little explorer then.” He wandered off down the row, trailing one hand almost dismissively off each and every display. Queen Victoria gave a sniff and followed along after him.

“Africa… the Sudan… The Congo… even the rain forests of South America… I am impressed, Sir Robert,” drawled the Doctor as he reached the end. Standing next to what looked like a large elk, he raised an eyebrow. “Even the darkest depths of Canada, I see.”

A thumping noise started growing from the far end of the gallery. “We’d best be moving ma’am, if we wish to reach the conservatory,” said Sir Robert staring back down the room.

An idea seemed to strike him, and he looked at the nearest exhibit. “Perhaps ma’am, we could hide you here, and draw off the werewolf by giving it an obvious trail to follow. If you were to conceal yourself behind this…”

Queen Victoria looked at the stuffed animal. “I think Sir Robert, we would be better served by acceding to the Doctor’s plan for now.”

She turned and swept out of the door the Doctor was holding for her. “Besides, Sir Robert, we are NOT a moose.”

Hurrying after her, Rose glanced up at the Doctor. “That count?”

He glared back at her before breaking into a wide grin. “No, but so so close. Now run!”


Please don't kill me. I just couldn't resist.
Tags: doctor who, fic

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