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Doctor Who 2.02 Tooth and Claw

So the secret origin of Torchwood is revealed. Wonder if they still remember the Doctor?

Very much a shout-out to classic Doctor Who in a way, complete with base-under-siege approach when they were trapped in the library, running down corridors followed by monster and an intriguing mix of back story and actual historical fact. Add in the new series's technique of including pop culture references like the running 'we are not amused' joke and this is probably one of the best episodes yet.

Nice to see Tennant settling down into the role, though it looks like he's gonna be rude quite a few more times yet. But wow, Queen Victoria is hardcore. Shooting people, getting bitten by a werewolf and banishing the Doctor from England. Let alone setting up Torchwood...

Love some of the little touches - Dr MaCrimmon from Balamory, Sir Doctor of TARDIS and the library scene were splendid. Arm up, indeed. Anyone else twitch an eyebrow when the Doctor licked the wall?

The running joke of Rose being naked was a nice little touch as well.

EDIT : One particularly good thing that came up on Fear Forecast -
"Mistletoe!" exclaims Samuel. Adam warns him: "You wouldn't want to eat it, because it's really poisonous." Mum's impressed: "That's right. It's a parasite that grows on other things." "Wow," announces Adam, "just like the werewolf!" Mum looks even more impressed by this.
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