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Warning - mild whinging ahead.

Easter is over, and the flood of Easter cards has also ceased. Mail volume is finally getting back to normal. Kinda scary in a way just how many easter cards are being sent these days - it's not an event that has ever really caused us any trouble in the past, but this year everyone was remarking on it. Quite a noticable jump in the figures actually - traffic was up 20% on the same weeks/days last year.

And of course, this is all without mentioning the special problems that cards give us on the sorting machines. The law of averages say that half of all square cards will come through on their side, and therefore unable to be cancelled properly with means some poor sucker (*raises hand*) has to go through that particular reject stack, pull 'em all out and run back through the machine when I have a spare milli-second. And we won't even mention the trouble caused by cards with badges in them....

Anyhow, ran into empressvesica last night online, and had a good old chat/catch-up. Made her insanely jealous with my super-secret thing which I have high hopes will still occur. *smirk* We also squeed together over the Hippies on the Amazing Race (currently downloading last night's) and discussed previous seasons. We're actually getting TAR 7 shown over here in the UK twice a week right now, so can anyone explain this Rob and Amber hate to me? Maybe I need the whole Survivor background, but from what I've seen he's playing the whole thing as a game, not taking things that seriously, and being the villain you love to hate at the moment. The other teams, especially the gay couple Lynn and Alex, seem way too involved in what Rob and Amber are doing, and not enough on their own race.

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