Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

A little late, but still heartfelt

It's International Hug Your Favourite Fic Author Day. An so, in no particular order, these are the authors who names appearing on the Latest page at TtH are guaranteed to get me clicking :

laney1974 I blame you for getting me started in writing fic and actually putting it out there for people to read. You were kind, encouraging and a great sounding board for me as I took my first faltering steps along. And all this without missing a step with your epics of angst and Willow exploration. Thanks, pal.

elementalv The single best Anita Blake crossover-verse that I've ever read. The Key's Watcher was one of the best series I've ever read, and your portrayal of Giles got me to re-consider my slight dislike of the character. And of course, you are still one of the few authors that I will read m/m slash from.

houses7177 One of my best and most helpful betas, you also leave the best feedback on the finished work. Helpful, caring and a great laugh, the only possible drawback that I could ever have is that your fic work isn't that prolific. But as Willow Tree Burning has proven, quality that good should not be rushed. Thanks, and good luck with the thesis.

liz_marcs Living History rocks. Big time. One of the biggest and best post-Chosen fics, your Xander and Faith have rarely been bettered, and the whole interaction between the expanded Scooby gang is brilliant. One of those stories that I almost wish would never end.

Don Sample Whether it's the classic Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon or the great SG1 crossover Misunderstandings, your work is such that I immediately jump on any new parts.

Thanks all of you for many hours of enjoyment. *huggles you all*

Oh yeah, and if anyone's wondering why this is late, Mandy ended up back in hospital again. After most of the weekend in there, she's feeling better (and looking better and more relaxed than I've seen her since about January). Still, meant another encounter over the last 24 hours with the Spawn of The Devil (who appears to have eaten a contact lens at one point). Apologies for the lateness again.

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