Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 2.01 New Earth

A very nice start to the new series, and a great re-introduction to The Doctor and Rose.

Loved seeing Jackie and Mickey again at the start of the show. Loved seeing 'Bad Wolf' still visible on the playground tarmac even more. :D

Billie Piper continues to impress me yet again as an actress. Her Cassandra!Rose version was astonishingly good, not just in the voice department but in the body language whenever she was posessed. Even her way of walking became a lot more sultry. And watching the Doctor Who Confidential afterwards, and in particular when they filmed the decomtamination sequence, I have a new appreciation for the suffering she has to go through. *grin*

Some great, hysterical lines from RTD again. A pretty good blend of horror, action and comedy, perfectly delivered by some great actors. David Tennant does an excellent job of switching between all out laughs (the samba joke) to just enjoying the moment to the steel and determination within him ('There is no higher authority'). Not to forget that excellent Angel-quality brood at the end. And the way his voice went up after the kiss. :D

And interesting to see the difference between Nine and Ten in how they handled Cassandra in the end. Nine was a lot more callous and basically allowed her to die, whereas Ten helped her to accept things in the end, and helped her to have a happy ending.

And really, how can you not love a show with lines like "It's just like living in a bouncy castle!" and "So, you're talking out of your--" "Ask not!" ?

Commentary's already up at, and it'll be repeated tomorrow on BB3 at 7.05
Tags: doctor who, episode review

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