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2006 Fic year


2004 fic year in review - still being indexed.
2005 fic year in review

Buffyverse crossovers

Tales from the War - Multiple Crossings
Timeline and Index
Tales From The War : General Hammond (Stargate)
Tales From The War : Anita Blake (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
Tales From The War : Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
Tales From The War : Roma (Marvel Comics)

Cobblers! - An interlude during speakr2customrs's brilliant ‘Tabula Avatar’, as the Scoobies try to pass through another town in their strange new world.
Bar Bill - There ain’t no such thing as a night off when you live on the Hellmouth. Starring Faith and Iron Man, this was written for empressvesica's birthday.

Drabbles, and short ficlets
Angel/Doctor Who crossover - drabble requested by wildecate.
Flirting - Buffy/Captain Jack (Doctor Who) drabble, as requested by invisionary.

Pure Buffyverse stories

Longer fics
Ten Things That Never Happened in the BtVS Fandom - What if Dawn had been around all the seasons? (Very meta)

Drabbles, and short ficlets
Dawn & Xander, Steelers drabble
Step By Step - Faith has a list, she’s checking it twice. Hopefully, they’ve all been naughty. A six drabble series, was meant to be pwp, but the characters took over.

Other universes

Deception - Batman and Talia drabble as requested by empressvesica.

Batman/Harry Potter
Robin/Hermione - drabble as requested by tyger_raven.

Drabble 1 - jedibuttercup requested a drabble of Daniel meeting Batman.
Drabble 2 - the inevictable follow-up.

Doctor Who
Things I Must Not Do When Travelling With The Doctor - Words of advice and wisdom to Rose from previous companions.
Untitled ficlet - a missing scene from Tooth and Claw (2x02). Contains spoilers and bad puns.
Support Network - Set after School Reunion (2x03) and contains mild spoilers. The Doctor’s passing through affects some people a lot more than others. You really do have to be there at the time to understand later.
The Apron 1 - tthjinni requested a drabble involving Ten/Rose and an apron.
The Apron 2 - A second try at that request, this time involving less clothing. *grin*
Missing - a Ten/Rose drabble involving secrets, as requested by leaper182.
Carpe Diem - Rose/Nine/Ten double drabble.

Doctor Who/Harry Potter
Untitled drabble - written for spankerella after she requested Ten/Harry Potter ‘verse, with a wand/sonic screwdriver mix-up. Be careful what you ask for.

Harry Potter
Having A Ball - in which Draco and Ginny plot to get time alone, and discover that things always have consequences. Written for absolut_jmo’s birthday.

Nero Wolfe
Buttered Toast - double drabble written for houses7177.

Untitled drabble - Thor's teleporter has a few bugs. Written for laney_1974.
Sam/Teal'c drabble - as requested by helenkacan.

Veronica Mars
Educating Veronica - Veronica/Van Clemmons. I simply could not resist.
Shocking Stuff - Educating Veronica sequel. Don't judge me. I was dared, okay?

And then there's always the odd things. This time, it's the One Sentence Fic Meme. It's a number of complete fics, some of which are crossovers, all done in one sentence as requested by people.

Going along nicely, but hopefully increasing as the year goes on.
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