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TeeVeePedia, the Internet TV Encyclopedia.

Not at all accurate, but hysterically dead on in places.

Selected highlghts so far :

Leslie Nielsen is a Canadian actor known for his deadpan wit, striking silver hair, and lone facial expression. After decades of toiling in near-obscurity, he shot to fame for his role in the gritty disaster drama Airplane! and its sequel, then followed that up with the hard-boiled detective series Police Squad! and its film version, The Naked Gun. He is notorious in Hollywood for the selectiveness with which he chooses his roles, refusing to tackle any project that might compromise his dignity. Nielsen is also the inventor of the Nielsen box, which he originally devised as a way to measure how quickly his own favorite programs got cancelled.

Much beloved by its increasingly terrifying fans, Buffy provided audiences with five years of witty dialogue, unexpected plotting, and appealing characters throughout its seven-year run.

Fat Man-Hot Wife Syndrome
A common show premise, namely one that outlines the simple truism that no matter how blubber-encased and brain-deficient a man, it is his God-given right to have a wife who would be way, way out of his league if this show were set in reality. Note that there is no corresponding Fat Woman-Hot Husband Syndrome. Fat actresses aren't allowed to be sexual unless it's for comedic purposes.

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