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He made me do it

d_tepes made a mistake. He challenged me to do a sequel to my Veronica Mars/Vice Principal Van Clemmons fic Educating Veronica, only this time he wanted live chickens, peach preserves and the taser involved.

Yeah, he should have known better.

“No, Miss Mars,” Van Clemmons replied firmly, “Once was a mistake, and I am certainly not repeating it. No, I will not sleep with you again.”

I sighed. Looked like I was gonna have to work for this one. I gave Wallace the signal for Operation Distraction, and plastered my best begging expression on my face. “Pleaseeeeeee?”

Okay, not my best effort, but I was hoping Wallace had come up with something. Anything.

And then four live chickens squawked and rushed past us, disappearing off into the far reaches of the car park. Wallace Fennell, I salute you.

Van Clemmons was staring after them with his jaw wide open. I kinda felt bad about hitting him with the taser at that point, but hey… shouldn’t have turned a girl down.

He sagged a bit, and collapsed into my arms. Not as romantically as I’d dreamed, but take what you can get as Dad always says. Tucking him nicely into the rear of my car, I covered him up with a blanket, and jumped into the front.

Five minute drive to the motel room already rented, two minutes to get him inside, two minutes to get him naked and handcuffed to the bed…. That would leave me about another minute to get the peach preserves slathered all over his chest before he wakes up.

It’s so much fun when he plays hard to get.

And much love to camperx who made me this icon.
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