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The film would have been so different if..........

1) "Frankly, my dear..... I love you! Let's get married!" (Gone With the Wind)

2) "No, I think I'll rather have the blue pill if it's all the same to you." (The Matrix)

3) "Zulus sir! - Three of them!" (Zulu)

4) "Walk all the way there, Gandalf? Can't you just call the Eagles here?" (Lord of the Rings)

5) "Call those boys over at Area 51, Martha! This is gonna pay off the bank for sure!" (Superman)

6) "Mr Spock! Do ye not remember we have radiation proof spacesuits over here?" (Star Trek II)

7) "Open the door, HAL." "Of course Dave." (2001)

8) "You know, it's a lovely Saturday afternoon out there. If I let you off dentention, try not to get in too much trouble out there. (The Breakfast Club)

9) "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Mr Potter... a parseltongue and your father was quite the bully..." "Slytherin!" (Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone)

10) "What do you think, Alfred? Black or Pink? Pink or Black? Black? Pink..? Pink!" (Batman)

11) "Luke, I am your father." "Daddy!" (Empire Strikes Back)

12) "Brad, did we just pass a castle back there?" "I don't think so, Janet." (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

13) "Winston Smith, this is Davina. You are live on Channel 4. Do not swear." (1984)

14) "My name is D'Artagan. I bear a letter from my father, and wish to join the Cardinal's Guards." (The Three Musketeers)

15) "No, he's Spartacus." (Spartacus)

Anyone got any more?

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