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Yet another bland update title

I have decided that I'm not in that much of a dark mood to carry on with TTitKB tonight, but instead I'm playing loud and fast music from the computer, while singing along and doing various little bits of fic here and there. So, here's a little Faith/David Nabbit drabble inspired by one of my reviews at TtH :

David Nabbit paused, just before he entered the demon brothel on the south side of LA. Was that someone in the alley off to the side?

A young woman emerged from the shadows, and stood there looking at him. She was dark haired, slick and dangerous looking in those tight, tight leather trousers of hers. And she was beckoning him. David swallowed hard and followed her.

Two minutes later, Faith strolled out of the alley, his wallet in her hand and an unconscious David Nabbit behind her. "Geek" she snorted.

Looking inside the wallet, her eyebrows raised "Oooo.. rich geek!"

Tags: drabbles, faith, fic

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