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Tales From The War : Rose Tyler

On the 22nd May 2001 a young girl named Dawn Summers was sacrificed in a mystic ritual on a tower in Sunnydale, California. The ensuing collapse of dimensional barriers led to various parallel earths bleeding into each other. The forces of darkness across many worlds took full advantage of the chaos and confusion, invading whole realities at a time.

Worlds fought back. Lines were drawn.

The War began.

11th October 2003

Her name is Rose Tyler, and she will never stop believing that he’s out there.

One day, her Doctor will come in. Well, one of them hopefully. She’s not quite sure she could take another change of body quite so soon.

General Lethbridge-Stewart would cope with that easily enough, she’s sure. She’s caught enough of his references to be sure he’s met at least 3 or 4 various versions of the Doctor over the years. All that experience is why he’s Earth-U’s top ranking officer in the CWF after all. Years of cleaning up after various foiled alien invasions of one kind or another must make one hell of a learning curve.

What was it the Doctor had said once? “You live and learn. If you don’t learn, you don’t live long.” Hopefully he hadn’t misquoted that one.

She’d taken those words to heart when she first found herself stuck here. From the moment she’d stumbled out of the Tardis and found herself alone and at gunpoint, she’d been learning fast. Fitting herself into the base’s routine, helping wherever and whenever she could, flitting from one project to another. No way in hell she was gonna let them separate her from the Tardis.

Her last solid memory of him.

Most of the soldiers around here regard her with a sort of puzzled attitude. As if they can’t quite understand what she’s doing there. And to be honest with herself, sometimes she wonders that too. The Earth-U contingent, oddly enough, are the worse. Well, the experienced ex-UNIT veterans. The one’s who look at her and don’t see Rose Tyler, ex-shopgirl. The ones who see the Doctor’s Assistant, and expect her to magically fix everything.

Conversely, Lethbridge-Stewart or Captain Benton both seem not to expect amazing deeds or wonders. But they do tend to use her as a sounding board for various ideas or notions. Benton once mentioned something about all ‘his’ helpers having a very different point of view on things.

And then there’s the Earth-G lot. Colonel O’Neill’s funny, Daniel Jackson keeps intending to speak to her about her and the Doctor’s trips back in time, and then there’s Sam. Captain Carter, when she’s not diving into all the Earth-U alien tech, is fascinated by her. More particularly by the fact that she comes from Earth-U’s future, and yet doesn’t remember anything of these events. She kept going on and on about a non-fixed inter… inter-something deterministic future for a good couple of hours the other day.

It’s not like she wants to remember all the stuff that’s happening across the world, but there’s no way she’d lie about it. And there’s no way in hell that any government could cover up anything like the Vortex, or the portals that could open up anywhere or anywhen.

That was what got them in trouble in the first place. His insatiable curiosity and determination to find out just what had happened on May 22 2003. He’d pushed her back into the Tardis but he just hadn’t been able to save himself for once. Swallowed up into one of the swarming portals popping in and out of existence so rapidly.

He’ll be back one day.

One of the Pathfinder units will find him out there on one of the unexplored earths and bring him back to her. Though she wouldn’t put it past him to just stroll in sometime in that grubby stained Mac of his and go “Ello, Rose! Miss me?”

Until then, she’s gonna do the best she can. Whether that’s helping out with a new wave of injuries in the medical system, helping new people find their way around the base or just trying to persuade the Tardis to let anyone else but her inside.

Do her best. Never stop trying.

Make him proud of her.

Author’s Notes and Timeline
Tags: doctor who, fic, tales from the war

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